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MEK Commander: Why didn’t you throw rock at families?

Malek Beit Mashaal

According to the ruling of Massoud Rajavi, the leader of the Mujahedin-e Khalq , family is an enemy who should be subdued. Every member of the MEK has to fight against his or her family because based on Rajavi’s indoctrinations, family is an obstacle in the path toward the cause of the group.

Malek Beitmashal, a defector of the MEK who left the group after it was relocated in Albania, writes about his own experience on the MEK’s hostile approach towards families. Families of the MEK members have not been allowed by the group leaders to contact or meet their loved ones in the MEK for over long years.
“The MEK leaders argued that family is our enemy,” Malek writes, “They used to show us movies in which partisans would betray their group because of their families.”

Malek Beit Mashaal

Malek Beit Mashaal; former MEK member in Albania

This way Malek was brainwashed as well as his other comrades in the group. “During those years I never missed my family. Under the influence of their indoctrinations, we were prepared to fight our families.” However, Malek is grateful to God that he never took action against families while they were picketing in front of the gates of Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

He recalls those days, when the MEK commanders had ordered them to attack the families who were on strike at Ashraf gates. “I saw families who came over and said hello. ‘Do you know my brother?’ A woman asked tearfully. ‘For god’s sake tell him just to wave to me!’”

Malek was moved by the heartbroken sister. He stepped back to a car. “A superior member ordered us to throw rocks at families,” he recounts. “Everyone began throwing rocks but I started smoking behind the car.”

His disobedience led to punishment. He writes, “When we got back to the unit, interrogation was started. From the Commander of our unit to my direct higher rank were asking me why I did not throw rocks at families.”

The interrogations lasted for two weeks. Malek was under suppression of the Cult of Rajavi because he had refused to do an inhuman act.

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