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MEK leaders use sleep deprivation as a mind control technique

Sleep deprivation

There’s a reason why sleep deprivation is classified as a form of torture and is a common technique employed by destructive cults. They force members to stay awake for extended periods to reduce their subjects’ decision-making ability and make them more open to persuasion. Leaders of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) use this technique to persuade the rank and file to stay inside the suppressive atmosphere of the group.

Sleep deprivation and fatigue create disorientation and vulnerability by prolonging mental and physical activity and withholding adequate rest and sleep. Former members of the MEK testify about this form of torture that has been used by the group commanders for over four decades.

Sleep deprivation

sleep deprivation is classified as a form of torture and is a common technique employed by destructive cults

Dr. Massoud Banisadr, former member of the MEK courageously published his autobiography in 2004. The book titled “Destructive and Terrorist Cults, a New Kind of Slavery”, is an inspiring account of his idealistically entry into the MEK, his rise to a high-ranking member of the group, his subjection to brainwashing and his subsequent defection from the group and difficult return to normal life.

According to Dr. Banisadr, sleep deprivation is a tactic that is used in the MEK to interfere with brain functions. He notifies that cult members sleep in public dorms where a large number of people sleep by the side of each other. The places are usually noisy and crowded. Members’ rights to have a private room are not respected. “Members are much more deprived of sleep than what the leaders expect,” he writes.

Based on his scientific studies, “a person with insomnia, is slow in getting conscious about his or her own psychological conditions. His ability of decision making and acting reduces.” Dr. Banisadr clarifies that sleeping gives the brain the opportunity to organize the information it has got through the day and eventually it provides the brain with the ability to analyze and interpret daily issues. Based on his account, members of the MEK are always deprived from enough sleep.

Iraj Salehi; MEK ex-member

Iraj Salehi; MEK ex-member

Iraj Salehi, a former low-ranking member of the MEK who escaped Camp Ashraf when the group was located in Iraq, presents a meticulous account of the daily routine of an MEK member in Camp Ashraf. The following has been taken from of his account on sleep deprivation inside the MEK:
“Dozens of us (MEK members) would sleep in one single hall. The more members, the more guardians for the dorm. The lights were always on. The doors were opened or closed all the time because there were always some people who wanted to go to the bathroom. Insomnia was a serious problem for the MEK members.
“The daily schedule in the MEK camps started from 5:30 am. We had half an hour to say prayer, make our beds and wash up. We had to shave every morning and it was hard to be fast because there were not enough bathrooms for such a number of people.

“Then, it was time for doing choirs like cleaning the streets and gardens of the camp. Then, we had to attend the morning ceremony which was followed by eating breakfast. We were supposed to do different tasks after breakfast, from working in the kitchen to cleaning the tanks and weapons…
“At noon, we were given an hour to say prayer, eat lunch and relax! But actually, lunch and prayer were public and therefore no time was left for relaxing. The errands would begin again at 2pm and would continue until 6 or 7.

“At sunset, everyone had to attend sports activities even if he or she did not feel well enough to do so. Then, we had half an hour to take a bath which actually would take only five minutes because the rest of the time would be waisted in the line to wait for an empty bathroom.
“The next component of our daily schedule was dinner and then the self-criticism sessions –called Current Operation– were held by commanders in which members had to confess the entire thoughts they had in their minds during the day.

“The sleeping time was 11:30. Before that no one was allowed to go to bed. Even sick members were not allowed to rest earlier.”
Members of the Cult of Maryam Rajavi are definitely in danger. According to many medical experts, quality sleep may be the single most important factor in maintaining long-term health. It can contribute to better mental function such as improved learning ability and decision-making faculty, improved memory, greater alertness and increased mental performance. Quality sleep can also support physical health including resistance to and recovery from fatigue, improved immune system function, better ability to resist premature aging, increased ability to resist stress, and better-regulated hormone production that can help prevent weight gain or obesity.

Due to sleep deprivation and other cult-like attitudes of the MEK leaders, mental and physical health of the hostages of the group are endangered under a daily basis. Human rights bodies must beware of the disastrous outcomes of human rights violations committed by the MEK leaders every day.

By Mazda Parsi

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