Double Standards of the Albanian Prime Minister

Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama gestures during a televised address to Albanians in Tirana, Albania, Friday, Nov. 15, 2013.

According to the recently published article by Andrew Higgins of the New York Times, titled “A NATO Minnow Reels from Cyberattacks Linked to Iran”, published on February 25th, 2023, Edi Rama the prime Minister of Albania has assured the Albanian nation and the international community that no political activities are done in the headquarters of the Mujahedin Khalq (MEK/ PMOI).

It is unlikely that the honorable Prime Minister is so unaware of the affairs inside his own country that he is nit able to know that not only political actions are taken by the MEK but also it commits all types of crimes and illegitimate acts in Albania and in response no one in the government expresses concern or sorrow.
The increasing dissatisfaction of the Albanian nation and the entire European Union regarding the presence of the Cult of Rajavi in the European territory, as well as the hatred of the Iranian people and Iranian opposition groups towards the MEK, is undeniable. Also, the fact that the MEK violates the most basic rights of its own members has become a serious problem for the Albanian government.

On the one side, Albania wants to distance itself from Maryam Rajavi and her notorious group in order to get closer to the EU. On the other side, it can not neglect the financial aids by Saudi Arabia and the intelligence and propaganda aid by Israel. The two governments that currently support the MEK.
Mr. Edi Rama should be asked that the news of Maryam Rajavi’s meeting with British Parliamentarians and his recent expression of support for the Iranian revolution which was published on the MEK’s website was considered “agricultural activity”?

By Ebrahim Khodabandeh

The NYTimes article: 

A NATO Minnow Reels from Cyberattacks Linked to Iran
By Andrew Higgins
Published Feb. 25, 2023

A NATO Minnow Reels from Cyberattacks Linked to Iran
Albania has been the target of repeated digital assaults believed to be linked to its sheltering of an Iranian dissident group on its soil.

The Albanian government has resisted succumbing to blackmail and has refused to evict M.E.K. Doing that, Mr. Rama said, would be “the biggest shame” for a country with a long history of sheltering refugees nobody else wants, including thousands of Afghans in 2021.

But he complained that M.E.K. were “not easy people, frankly,” and that the group had violated an agreement that it would refrain from using Albania as “a safe haven to make political activity against the Iranian regime.”
Instead, the group has organized high-profile events in Albania aimed at rallying opposition to Tehran, including an annual gathering called the Free Iran World Summit, whose paid speakers have included prominent American supporters like Rudolph W. Giuliani, a former New York mayor and a onetime personal lawyer to former President Donald J. Trump.

The Iranian dissidents, Mr. Rama said, have “friends on Capitol Hill that lobby for them” but have now been ordered to halt public activities against Iran. M.E.K. canceled the Free Iran event last year. “There is no more of this now,” the prime minister said. “We hope that they will not try again because it is not beneficial to this country and they have to accept that.”

The NCR article: 

Renowned British Lawmakers Visit Ashraf 3, Support Iran’s Resistance and Revolution
Written by Shamsi Saadati
1st March 2023

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