Letter to Hassan Shaabanpour, hostage of the MEK

Hossein Shaabanpour, the brother of Hassan Shaabanpour, member of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/ PMOI) wrote another letter to his brother. Hossein hopes that his brother will find an opportunity to read the letters. In the cult-like system of the MEK, Hassan is not allowed to contact his family.
Hassan was deceived to join the MEK when he was a war prisoner in the horrific POW camps of Iraqi Baath regime. He had been taken as a POW when he was a soldier of the Iranian army in the early months of Iran-Iraq war. Hassan has not been allowed to visit his family for over 40 years.

Hossein Shaabanpour, the brother of Hassan Shaabanpour

Here is the letter of Hossein Shaabanpour to his beloved brother:

To My beloved bother
Dear Hassan,
Our other brothers and I always talk about you. We all miss you a lot. Why aren’t you allowed to be with us? This is a crucial question which has been in my mind during the long years of separation.

While we are in a world where people can stay in touch with their long-distance friends and families, why can’t you contact us? Don’t you yourself want to contact us or do the MEK leaders forbid you to contact us? I know that the MEK leaders do not permit you and other members to do so. They are afraid of any contact between you and your families. They know that the contacts with family make you aware of the conditions you are stuck in.
Dear Hassan

Believe me! I and other members of family are determined to release you from the hands of the Cult of Rajavi, no matter how long it takes us. We are sure that you will begin a new life in the free world like those who previously defected the group.
We promise that we will take any action needed for you. Feel sure that we will stay on your side forever. No matter what, Rajavi cannot cut the emotional ties between us.

I wish Rajavi dared to give this letter to you. I wish you could read it to know that everything is ready for your freedom. You just need to take one step to see the beautiful life outside the bars of the MEK.
I hope to see you soon.

Your brother,
Hossein Shaabanpour

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