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Amin Asadan, 24 years of imprisonment in the MEK

the mother of Amin Asadan

Amin Asadan was a young guy from North of Iran who was kidnapped by the agents of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/ PMOI) . Amin is one of the hundreds young men who were taken as hostages by the MEK recruiters in Turkey.

Amin has not been allowed to contact and visit his family during the 24 years of membership (in better words, imprisonment) in Massoud Rajavi’s cult of personality. He has been deprived from access to the outside world in both headquarters of the group in Iraq and Albania.

the mother of Amin Asadan

The mother of Amin Asadan

Back in Iran, Amin Asadan’s family took actions in order to visit their beloved son but they did not succeed. “Amin was such a passionate young hardworking man seeking an ethical life,” Amin’s brother, Amir Asadan says. “In the early 2000s, he went to Turkey in order to find a better job. The whole family were happy with his decision, but we did not know that he would be a victim of Rajavi’s mafia. They had deceived him to join the MEK in Iraq under the promise of transferring him to Europe.”

the family of Amin Asadan; MEK cult hostage

This was the U-turn in Amin’s life. The start of a long-term separation from his family. “He has been taken as a hostage by Rajavi and he has not contacted us for 24 years,” his brother adds.

Amin’s mother sends a message to his beloved son in the hope that he will see it sometime:
Dear Amin. I miss you a lot. I am looking forward to your return. Yor father passed away and let me alone over a decade ago. My only hope is that you get back home before I die.
My beloved Amin. I need to have you more than any time. I insist you to call me, to return home so that I could hug you, kiss you and live by your side.

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