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Ali Hajari was released

Ali Hajari

The Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania (ASILA) issued a statement as follows:

“Ali Hajari was released”
Mr. Ali Hajri was released unconditionally today, Friday, May 26, 2023. He was detained in the Karrec camp for nearly 9 months, and during all this time, the Albanian government and police never announced the reason for this detention and did not bring any charges against him.

Three other members of ASILA, namely Mr. Gholamreza Shekari, Mr. Mehdi Soleimani and Mr. Hassan Shahbaz, who are currently detained in the Karrec camp like Mr. Hajari without any reason and without mentioning any charges, should also be released immediately and unconditionally.

Ali Hajari

Ali Hajari at the office of ASILA near his family and friends

ASILA also condemns the illegal deportation of Mr. Ehsan Bidi to Iran, where he is currently in custody and awaiting his trial, and the illegal deportation of Mr. Hassan Heirani to Greece, and also the illegal deportation of Mr. Gholam Reza Shekari to Greece, who later was returned to Albania by the Greek police. ASILA demanded the immediate and unconditional release of the other prisoners of the Karrec camp.

Arresting six members of ASILA without charges from the first day has been illegal and has only served the interests of the terrorist Maryam Rajavi. These arrests caused hundreds of members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult), who wanted to leave this cult and join ASILA, to be disappointed because of the illegal behavior of the Albanian police.
ASILA members will not fail to try to connect the families with their loved ones who are trapped in the MEK camp in Albania and will try to connect each of them with the outside world and will continue to expose the cultic nature of the MEK.

All members of ASILA congratulate Ali Hajari’s release to his family in Iran, his wife Elista Hajari and their baby Elisa, and all the members of Nejat Society and ASILA.

ASILA, May 26, 2023

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