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Names of Iraqis Killed By MKO Released

"The Organization for Protection of Iraqis’ Rights" called on the Iraqi government to prosecute the MKO leaders, who have been involved in killing more than 780 Iraqis during their presence in Iraq.


This organization asked the families of martyrs to go to the court.


The names of some of the martyrs, according to judicial references, are as follows:


1. Fazel Ghambar Jabooli

2. Mohammed Joma Hamoor

3. Ali Mohammed Mostafa

4. Abbas Mohammed Ali

5. Sabrieh Ghambar Samin

6. Abdulkarim Qader Mohammed

7. Nabil Abdulqader Mohammed

8. Ahmed Shaker

9. Sorieh Mohammed Zein Al-Aabedin

10. Isor Hamid Mostafa

11. Somayeh Zein al-Aabedin

12. Ali Mohammed Javili

13. Nabil Nour Hassan

14. Abdi Mohammed Sadeq


The above martyrs were all from Tuz Khormato region


15. Salah Sadeq Jafar, from Kut

16. Adnan Hasan, from Baghdad

17. Mohammed Kazem Abd, from Baghdad

18. Abdullah Al-Abudi, from Baghdad

19. Sadegh Kateh Jafar, from Baghdad

20. Saeed Majbal Abdullah, from Kut

21. Yusef Mohan Zalmi, from Nasserieh

22. Ghanbar Mohammed Ghanbar, from Baghdad

23. Yusef Kheirallah, from Nasserieh

24. Ghasem Boozi, from al-Emareh

25. Taleb Joma al-Ezzah Ali, from Al-Mahmoodieh

26. Salem Jabr Awad, from al-Mahavil

27. Sadeh Amir Alavi, from Al-Anbar

28. Aani Salman al-Ka’bi, from al-Kut

29. Shandi Mohammed Zaghir, from al-Kut


The newspaper will soon publish the names of other martyrs killed by the MKO in 1991 during the uprising of Sha’banieh.

Al-Bayenah al-Jadideh



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