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In 1981,after 28 months of establishment of new regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran,the terrorist group of Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) began its terrorist operations against  the people and government of Iran. and one month after,Masud Rajavi,the leader of the MKO,founded another group,National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI),to pretend that other groups and personalities had joined and supported him . At that time,Rajavi wanted to use the influence of the fired president,BaniSadr,and some parts of the democratic party of Iranian Kurdistan and also a few other communist groups to achieve his goals.

Terrorism under cover of names

Download Unit One – NCRI have officially accepted the responsibilty of terrorist operations.
Download Unit Two – NCRI in a symbol of terrorism and is in service for terrorism
Download Unit Three– NCRI is a symbol of terrorism and is in service for terrorism
Download Unit Four– The MK0 has introduced some of its own members and sympathizers as being members of NCRI…
Download Unit Five– NCRI has repeatedly emphasized on terrorist operations against Iranian citizens
Download Unit Six– NCRI members repeatedly confirm and sanctify terrorism
Download Unit Seven– forming, active and responsible members of NCRI are indeed members of MKO
Download Unit Eight– MKO has found hundreds of Smaller shield under non- government organizations in American and European Countries
Download Unit Nine– pictures and brief about meeting places of NCRI

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