Mojahedin Khalq , A Tool in US’s Psychological War on Iran

The new tactics of the US and France against Iran are focused on psychological war and using opposition groups as a tool.

Israeli intelligence sources have acknowledged that the secret war on Iran’s nuclear programs has intensified.

These sources, stressing that press conferences by Iranian opposition on Iran’s nuclear program are not coincidental, said: "Secret services of the U.S. used the same tactics five years ago and gave their initial intelligence to the Iranian opposition to be announced in their press meetings."

In a new press conference by Mehdi Abrishamchi, member of MKO, new claims were expressed on the existence of secret nuclear bases in Iran.

Referring to Abrishamchi’s recent comments, Israeli sources said that they had been produced wholly by French and American secret services and the MKO was only used as an outlet.


Al-Rai newspaper/Rabi’ Yahya,

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