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Mujahedin Khalq used as a terror tool

The Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO or MEK) is known to be used bySahar Family Foundation some elements in Pentagon and in the CIA against Iran. These elements consider the terrorists on their side good or useful terrorists. The MKO has always offered its terrorist skills to be used against Iran. After the fall of the former dictator of Iraq they have tried to draw the attention of the US as a substituted in the west for Saddam Hussein.

In an article in the NEWSTATESMAN by John Pilger dated 29 May 2008, it is shown that the MKO is being used by the Bush administration against Iran for terrorist activities, even though the organization has been designation as a terrorist group by the State Department.

Those who would suffer most from such usage of terrorists are the families of the members of the MKO trapped in their base in Iraq called the Ashraf camp. These families’ beloved ones have been used for so long by Saddam Hussein and now they have to see them to be victims again this time by the US.

Sahar Family Foundation certainly denounces such utilization of the mentally and even physically captives in the Ashraf camp and calls all international humanitarian organizations to make sure that the prime victims of a destructive cult (the MKO) are not used again to expand terrorism.

North America

After Bobby Kennedy

John Pilger

Published 29 May 2008


Piracies and dangers

America’s war on Iran has already begun. In December, Bush secretly authorised support for two guerrilla armies inside Iran, one of which, the military arm of Mujahedin-e Khalq, is described by the state department as terrorist.

Sahar Foundation, Baghdad

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