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SIIC: Mojahedin Khlaq cooperated with al-Qaeda

Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization has cooperated with terrorist groups including al-Qaeda over the past five years, says an SIIC official.

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC), Ammar Hakim, confirmed a six-month deadline set by the Iraqi government for the MKO to leave Iraq and added that the MKO had helped former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein commit his crimes.

The Iraqi government and nation call for expulsion of the MKO terrorists from the country, Hakim told IRNA Wednesday.

He added that the MKO gave false information to the US about a number of Iraqi figures who fought against Saddam and whom he said are still kept in US prisons.

Iraq’s Government Spokesman, Ali al-Dabbagh, said on Tuesday that the country will support the voluntarily return of MKO members to Iran or any other country, adding that Baghdad will not consider expelling MKO members forcefully from the country and will deal with them according to international regulations.

The comment comes as Iraqi military forces have surrounded the terrorist group’s Camp Ashraf.

The camp in Diyala province was the headquarters for the MKO during the rule of Saddam Hussein. It had been converted to a training center for MKO terrorists and has been under US control since the 2003 invasion of the country.

The MKO is blacklisted by many countries including EU member states as a terrorist organization. The group has claimed responsibility for hundreds of terror attacks inside Iran.

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