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US main opponent to MKO extradition

Abdolaziz Hakim says US opposition to the extradition of MKO terrorists from Iraq is the main reason behind their stay in the country.

"Washington considers members of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization as political refugees. Due to this attitude, MKO members have not been extradited from Iraq," Head of United Iraq Coalition Seyyed Abdolaziz Hakim told IRNA.

Referring to the Iraqi government’s decision to deport the Mujahedin Khalq terrorist group from Iraq in 2004 and the disagreement of the US, Hakim stated, "Deportation of MKO members from Iraq has always been one of the subjects of discussion among Iraqi and US officials."

Hakim added that the Iraqi people and government consistently demand the expulsion of the MKO terrorists from Iraq due to the atrocities committed by the group against the Iranian and Iraqi people during Saddam’s regime, but they always encounter US opposition.

The Iraqi official also dismissed allegations of Iran’s interference in Iraq, saying the Islamic Republic supported Iraq’s transitional council and the Iraqi government after the collapse of the Saddam regime


Nov. 11, 2007

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