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Baroness Nicholson:Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MKO) still on terrorist list in UK

EU lawmaker, Emma Nicholson has proclaimed that a British court, not government, believes in lifting the ban on MKO terrorist group. In an exclusive interview with Press TV, member of the Human Rights Subcommittee of the European Parliament, Emma Nicholson, said that a special new court has been convened and decided that the British government acted in haste in putting the Mujahedin Khalq Organization on the terrorist list. Nicholson said the findings were that the British government’s actions on putting the MKO on the list had not been carried out properly.”But the British government does not agree. The British government is appealing and is against that judgment,”she added. Concerning the MKO presence and operations in Iraq, Nicholson said the sovereign nation of Iraq has to decide about this terrorist group’s presence in the country. The situation requires a dialogue between the Iranian and Iraqi governments, adding that the expulsion of MKO members has nothing to do with the US or UK forces in Iraq. When asked why Britain still supports tougher sanctions against Iran with respect to IAEA and NIE reports proving that Iran is not involved in a military program, Nicholson stated that Iran did not fully explore the European Union’s offer in 2006 which suggested Iran stop its uranium enrichment and in return, the European Union would lift sanctions. In response to a question regarding the West’s increasing pressure on Iran to stop nuclear enrichment which is completely in line with IAEA regulations, Nicholson answered,”There has been a loss of confidence on both sides – a loss of trust.”When asked if Britain is following US policy and not making independent choices, Nicholson replied that Britain, Germany and France began negotiations with Iran from “a specifically European Union position”. Asked if the International Atomic Energy Agency is not the legal referee in decisions about Iran’s nuclear case rather than the UN Security Council, she replied,”Because the nuclear issue is so important, it has gone up to the Security Council level.”


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