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MKO threatens Iraqi newsmen with death

 The MKO terrorist cult threatened Iraqi newsmen who had released documents indicating that the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) had a hand in suppressing Iraqi Shiites’ Intifada [in 1991]. According to Albayyenah newspaper, the MKO terrorist group made death threats to Iraqi newsmen through the internet and their mobile phones as well. These newsmen had published documents on the MKO having a hand in suppressing the Intifada of Iraqi Shiites. Albayyenah also adds: As a result of these open threats, the Iraqi Newsmen’s Union will condemn the MKO’s recent measure through issuing a formal statement. The MKO terrorist cult has also already threatened Ali Dabbagh, an Iraqi government spokesman who is also responsible for Iraq’s Research Center, with death because of opposing the Monafeghin’s remaining in Iraq.

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