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Solh (Peace) Association representative meets the Vice President of Norwegian Union of Journalist

 Oslo, 12.03.2008, Wednesday: Representative of Anjomane Solh Norway (Peace Association Norway), Mr.Ghasem Ghezi met the Vice President of Norwegian Union of Journalist(NJ), Mr. Kjetel Haanes  at the sideline of the venue of the seminar arranged by Helsinki Committee here in Oslo. Mr.Ghasem Ghezi explained the critical situation of Iraq specially 120 disaffected people from the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MOK) in the country. He drew the attention of the vice president of NJ to the detail in the context and handed over a letter of Anjomane Solh in the context. Mr. Kjetel Haanes courteously received the letter and desire for further projection of the issue  ——————–  Subject: Humanitarian issue of 120 disaffected of Muhajedine Khalq in Iraq

 You might be acknowledged of dozens of the peoples who had been separated from Iraq based Ashraf Camp of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization of Iran, were held at a camp namely Temporary International Presence Facilities (TIPF) in Iraq.  According to the reports received in the last few days by Anjomane Solh, the Peace Association Norway, about 120 people of the disaffected people escaped from the TIPF in a extremely grave condition. Some of them might be remained in a terrible position in different cities of Iraq or some of them might be able to reach near with the borders of Jordan and Turkey to ease them from danger circumstances of Iraq .  We want to raise our deep concern about the situation of these people. You are aware that after the fall of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003, TIPF was established provisionally alongside Ashraf Camp of MKO. The purpose was to locate those who defect the organization at the first instance interviews by the American Forces. As you are aware, in various reports by the Human Rights Watch, the European Union, the British Government, the US State Department, the Canadian Foreign office, and many other sources as well as the worldwide media, the deeds and practices of the MKO and its leader Masud Rajavi have been categorised as terrorist and violating the bases of human rights. Therefore, we urge you to pay attention to our concerns about the situation of around 120 separated people from MKO those do not want to return back to their home Iran , nor they want to rejoin cult of MKO.  These people should be protected by the International Community on the humanitarian gournd and under the World Declaration for Human Rights; and we urge you to help them by any means you can.  It is also worth mentioning that the MKO is considering the fleeing of its members and their departure from Iraq as a grave threat to its existence.  It is essential to point out the fact that some of reports concerning the disaffected people have already appeared in the media.  We are currently considering a proposal to send a delegation under the supervision of International Human Right Organisation based in Norway to Iraq, so that to be able to help the disaffected people of TIPF camp.  We would like to make you further updated in the connection and would be grateful for your cooperation in the context.  Kind Regards  Ghasem Ghezi, Representative of Anjomane Solh, the Peace Association Norway

Solh Association, Norway,

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