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Iranians protest UK verdict on MKO

Hundreds of people have gathered in front of the British embassy in Tehran to protest the removal of the MKO from the terrorists blacklist.

The protesters called for the closure of the embassy and condemned the British court decision which ruled in favor of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization, Press TV correspondent reported on Thursday.

Scores of police forces were deployed at the scene to prevent angry demonstrators to attack the embassy.

Analysts say the London Appeal Court’s decree clearly demonstrates that the British government exercises a double standard policy toward terrorism.

The London Appeal Court ruled on Wednesday that there were "no valid grounds" to assert that a British panel made legal errors when it ordered the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) to be removed from the terrorist blacklist.

MKO – known in Iran as Monafeqin or hypocrites – has been blacklisted as a terrorist organization by many countries. It has committed innumerable terrorist acts against the Iranian people and top officials.

Press TV, May 23, 2008



Tehrani women stage protest rally in front of British Embassy

A group of Tehrani women staged a protest rally in front of British Embassy in Tehran Thursday evening against a British Appeals Court’s exclusion of Iranian terror grouplet, MKO’s name from terrorist groups’ list.

According to one of IRNA Political Desk reporters, the ralliers were chanting slogans and carrying props in which they were demanding including MKO at entire lists of international terror organizations throughout the world.

A banner carried by two Tehrani women read, "British Appeals’ Court’s decision on MKO equals ignoring most obvious, most primitive human rights and is aimed at encouraging terrorist moves in United Kingdom and Europe."

Reference was made on the props also to the bereaved families of the victims of June 17th, 1981, Jomhouri Eslami Party Headquarters bomb blast that the MKO immediately and proudly claimed responsibility for, and dozens of MKO blind assassinations of Iranian civilians in early years following the glorious victory of the Islamic Reputation.

The ralliers were also chanting "Down with USA", "Down with Israel", "Down with Terrorists", and "MKO commits crimes, Britain approves of terrorism."

At the end of the rally the protesters read out a resolution in whose first article the bereaved family members of MKO terrorist moves have asked the judiciary and foreign diplomacy officials in Iran to keep accurate account of the countless crimes committed by the leaders of that grouplet and its deceived sympathizers, and to present such reports to concerned foreign and international organs to end recurrence of the mistake that has recently happened at a British Appeals court.

The ralliers have also asked for bringing the criminals who have committed all such horrendous crimes to courts of justice in Iran, or if that is not possible for any reason, to an international court of justice in Europe.

One of the ralliers told IRNA, "Those who claim to be the standard bearers of campaign against international terrorism are nurturing terrorists today and Britain, that was one day among the creators of the United States and Israel, is today playing the role of one of its creatures, the United States’ wretched servant."

This young girl said that the history of Britain is filled with cases of nurturing terrorists, such as providing a safe haven for the apostate Indian-born writer Salman Rushdie, and today they have begun supporting the most ill-famed MKO terrorists with a long black record of most criminal acts.

Another rallier, too, asked for resolute moves by our country’s officials, particularly the Iranian Foreign Ministry officials against the acquittal verdict issued in favor of the terrorist MKO grouplet.

The old lady said, "Today it is definitely necessary for Islamic Republic of Iran’s top economic and political officials to revise Tehran’s ties with Britain."

The ralliers left the British Embassy whereabouts following reading their declaration peacefully as they were asked and directed by Iranian diplomatic police forces to do so.

IRNA, May 23, 2008


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