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Nejat Society Letter to the Head of Iraqi Government

Office of the Prime Minister Baghdad Republic of Iraq Date: Honorable Mr. Noori Al-Maliki the Head of Iraqi Government We learned with outmost pleasure that the board of ministers of the IraqiMr. Noori Al-Maliki - the head of Iraqi government Government has passed a resolution base on the Iraqi constitutional law which indicates that the Mojahidin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) and their base called the Ashraf camp in Iraq must be put under the control of the Iraqi government. We praise this courageous and prudent decision which is most certainly to the best interests of the Iraqi people and its government. We do wish every success for the Iraqi people and government.

The Nejat Society in Iran is formed by former members of the Rajavi’s terrorist cult (MKO) who have managed to free themselves from the captivity of this organization and returned home to their families. These people have experienced the process of brainwashing in this cult themselves and well know how their former colleagues in the Ashraf camp are mentally or even physically captivated and find no way out to the free world. The MKO under the protection of the allied forces in Iraq who have always guarded the Ashraf camp in the past five years has managed to find a safe heaven to carry out its cultic psychological techniques to achieve metal domination over its members and train terrorists in a remote place where unfortunately the Iraqi government has no control over.

We believe that more the Iraqi government’s control is imposed over the Ashraf camp, sooner would these people be freed, sooner would they be released from captivity and wasting their lives, and sooner would they be able to see their families whom in some cases have not seen for over 20 years. In this regards we along with the families of the members of this organization would like to request the following enquiries and thank you in advance for your cooperation: 

1.       Arrangements are required to be made for the families of the members of the MKO in the Ashraf camp to visit their beloved ones directly, without the presence of the MKO officials, in a place out of the MKO facilities, freely and for sufficient duration as soon as possible.

2.       Regarding that cultic relationship is governing the MKO and this organization utilizes a pyramid structure to impose the leadership’s control over the followers, it is essential to dismantle such structure once the control over the Ashraf camp has been gained by the Iraqi government and the contact of leaders and the followers is disconnected. It is also necessary to give these people enough time and opportunity to think and study freely in order to be able to decide and choose their own upcomings.

3.       Some mechanisms are requested to be adopted in order to let these people have free contact with the outside world after more than two decades. Past psychological experiences indicate that members involved in a cult need to be mentally recovered once they are rescued form the cult in order to be able to return to the normal life. Therefore it is essential to books and other public relations means be provided for them freely as much as possible. The Nejat society is willing to provide means such as books and films and so forth if desired.

4.       Efforts are demanded to be made in order to abolish the thought scrutiny courts called the Current Operations Sessions which are practiced daily in the Ashraf camp for all members; and the free contact of the isolated Ashraf camp be made with the outside world in order to speed up the recovery process of the members. The Current Operation Sessions is the main technique used by the MKO to brainwash the individuals.

5.       With the exception of a few leaders of the MKO, the body of the organization and the members must not be looked at as criminals but rather victims. The truth is that the members of a cult are the prime victims of that cult who have lost their life and need to be helped and rescued. The main objective of the Nejat Society is of course to rescue these individuals who are truly captives.  Nejat Society Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran

Copy to:  Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Tehran Speaker and deputies of the Iraqi parliament Head of Iraq judiciary system Mass media

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