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Falujah demanded the expulsion of Mojahedin Khalq

In a meeting with secretary general of Habilian Association(Representatives of 16000 terror victims in Iran), a group of Falujah political figures and newsmen as well as the heads of different Iraqi tribes called for the expulsion of MKO terrorist group from their Country. In this meeting initiated with Seyyed Muhammad Javad Hashemi Nejad’s appreciating his guests’ arrival in the holy city of Mashhad, secretary general of Habilian Association said: The two nations of Iran and Iraq are today on each others sides while having many things in common to talk about ,regardless of what has happened to us during past 30 years. We are now supposed to struggle for each others prosperity. Taking a look at the history of the two nations we would realize that dividing them is no way possible. Iran and Iraq are the cradle of civilization. The region we are in is the one the whole world has eyes for it and no one can turn a blind eye on it. 

Falujah demanded the expulsion of Mojahedin Khalq

Our countries are in a region overflowing with oil resources and our enemies’ cravings for it elevate day by day. Islam’s heart beats only in Iran and Iraq and all conspiracies have targeted these two countries. There are many ties between us and we have many things in common. But the enemies won’t like friendship and peace to rule between us. This is because of our standing on an enormous resource of wealth and also our ability to stand on our own feet independently. So the colonizers have put their backs into getting into the region and make the most out via obliterating the two nations. To do this they have to enter the region directly or through applying some penetrating elements to follow their wicked ambitions. They have long tried to spread disunion among the two nations through former governments in Iraq and Iran. On one hand Shah of Iran insisted on being of a superior race of Persian and on the other hand Saddam Hussein who knew Arabs to be of superiority. But as far as they didn’t succeed in separating the two nations, the colonizers began to support terrorist groups to make the region destabilized. One of these terrorist groups which is now based for over two decades in Iraq is MKO terrorist group. They have so far assassinated over 16000 Iranian civilians as well as officials in Iran but as far as they didn’t satisfy America’s desire, the great Satan decided to arrive in the Islamic world in person.

                                    Falujah demanded the expulsion of Mojahedin Khalq

Indisputable is that our enemies’ conspiracies to keep the two nations of Iran and Iraq apart from each other has fallen flat. But we have to be aware not to make any mistakes in current crucial situation. 

Falujah demanded the expulsion of Mojahedin Khalq

Right now the Bush administration has adopted the policy of Divide and Rule in the region. To do this they have set up and support terrorist groups like MKO which has during last two decades committed several crimes in your country. America was the first country to recognize MKO as terrorist but the question is why America supports this terrorist group and why America insists, against Iraq’s constitution law, to keep this group in Iraq. Isn’t it because it needs the dividing role of this group? Taking a brief look at their website, you would undoubtedly realize that they are either trying to persuade America to attack Iran or to cause disunion between the two nations. Today America is well aware that loosing the region would result in its loosing the whole Middle East. But their presence in the region has resulted in the death of over one million Iraqis so far. 

Falujah demanded the expulsion of Mojahedin Khalq )

After that Jasem Albadivi (Former governor of Falujah) also said: today we have come from the exploited city of Falujah to tell the Iran’s authorities and people that we don’t support terrorist rebels. We have come to reveal the truth to you about the damages we have received from terrorists. Nowadays we have to forget about all the crimes the former corrupt dictators committed to us and to step into the way towards unity and unanimity. All Iraqis are well aware of the terrorist nature of MKO and as the representatives of Alanbar province we want the Iraqi government to respect the rightful demands of Iraqi people and to adopt more determined measures in deporting them from Iraq. 

Falujah demanded the expulsion of Mojahedin Khalq

Then Hashemi Nejad stated: The issue of weapons of mass destruction posed by Americans was merely a pretext to attack Iraq. Americans invaded your country without the permission of the security council of the United Nations. In fact it was not a war on terror or the war for democracy; it was a war for oil. We know that America would accept us only when we are dependent to it. This is why America has always opposed our peaceful nuclear program, though we have never violated any international laws, while accusing us baselessly of being involved in producing WMD. This is at the same time they support terrorist groups in the region. They support MKO terrorist who killed over 16000 innocent people in Iran and about the same number in Iraq and are disliked by the people of both nations.

Another speaker to the meeting was Tariq Al Ma’amouri (editor in chief of Albelad Alyoum newspaper). Who said: The existence and improvement of terrorist groups in Iraq is a result of military occupation of Iraq. It also resulted in annihilation of Iraq’s military, judicial and administrative as well as lawmaking systems. But in spite of all these issues the media are active in Iraq, although the ones tied to America and terrorist groups try to abuse and exaggerate the current discrepancies between Shiites and Sunnis. One of the issues they are still propagating about and try to threaten Arabs with is Iran’s nuclear energy. It was Saddam who invited MKO terrorists to Iraq not the people. The governing council of Iraq called them in a statement as terrorist soon after the fall of Saddam. From then on all Iraqis have condemned the presence of this terrorist group in Iraq.

Hashemi Nejad also said in the meeting: Thank you for the way you explained the common concerns of the two nations. We have very good relations with Iraqi people and officials. About MKO I should also say we are well aware of their crimes in Iraq and believe that they would soon pay for it.

Doctor Valid Alaraji (member of falujah Sheikhs council) was another speaker in the meeting. He said: As my friends mentioned Saddam Hussein granted asylum to PKK and MKO and supported them. These two terrorist groups have invaded our country and we demand for their total expulsion from Iraq. We are on to hold enlightening sessions in Iraq about the terrorist entity of MKO based on the document you give us.

At the end Muhammad Javad hashemi Nejad added: The phenomenon of terrorism is a western product for exploiting the third world countries. America has full access to PKK and can easily ban their activities but not only doesn’t do that but also supports them while accusing us of supporting terrorism. At the end I wish for a day Iraqi people would live in a free Iraq in peace.

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