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Recommendations to Mojahedin Khalq Organisation leader

Recommendations to Mojahedin Khalq Organisation leader Massoud Rajavi (by Soltani, an Ex leadership Council member of MKO)

From Batool Soltani, ex-Leadership Council member

To Massoud Rajavi, the leader of Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MKO)

Since my separation from your organization and stepping into the free world one and a half years ago, I have concluded, through a variety of studies, that your organization is definitely a cult with all scientifically recognized cult characteristics and you are known to be a cult leader that has made, and makes use of psychological approaches and brainwashing techniques to recruit and control your forces.

It is typical of cult leaders to take nobody’s advice and it is a vain attempt to change them. But since I have wasted twenty of my best years in your organization and have lost my dearest things, the most precious of whom are my family and children, I feel obligated to give you pieces of advice hoping that there are ears to listen.

A study of cults and their leaders indicate that cults have all come to a bad fate and the leaders’ inhuman methods to have members under total control have misfired. The leaders have wildly perverted any means to accumulate wealth and assume power but the path they have taken leads to nowhere.

I am sure, and please you also come to believe that, that Camp Ashraf in Iraq will have no better ending than David Koresh’s Mount Carmel complex outside of Waco in Texas or the Peoples Temple’s Jonestown located in Guyana in South America. Nobody has ever succeeded to assume power by exploiting mind control techniques and psychological enchaining of people; any achievement of remarkable concern has lasted but a short period and ebbed soon.

To impose their mind control on the members, cults need to brag about groundless victories. I ask you, with regard to your present ongoing struggle, what have been the achievements for you and your organization? For instance, I want to know how it can turn to be a success if the organization is removed from the terror list and where it may lead you to. And have you ever considered it a defeat following the proscription of the organization as a terrorist group?

I suggest you open your eyes and see lots of people you have enslaved, the many families you have disintegrated, and the numerous people who are lamenting the loss of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children and husbands.

Mr. Rajavi,

You will profit greatly if you consider my recommendation and consider the following issues:

1. Let the Camp Ashraf residents have permission to use satellite aired programs, telephones, cellophanes, TV and radio programs, internet, books and the press.

2. Let the Camp Ashraf residents have permission to have direct and uninterrupted contacts and visits, of course unaccompained by the organization’s agents, with their families.

3. End imposed mind control techniques, including the inhuman and unethical weekly cleansing sessions, immediately and grant the forces the possibility of free thinking.

4. Excuse the members that old age has debilitated from the heavy physical labor enforced on the members only to keep them busy as a contrived technique to restrain them from thinking.

5. And finally, confer on the captive members in Camp Ashraf the free will of deciding for their own destiny.

You would probably say that these all mean and will lead to the disintegration of Camp Ashraf and your ouster as the leader, which I believe is a privilege and at least will lessen the burden of the sin and oppression you have done to these people for nothing. May God forgive you! The prime victims of a cult are its followers. Let them free before it is too late.

My concluding advice, resign if you ever think of the organization and the members so more qualified persons with matured, novel ideas may assume to lead the organization as a political force.

Batool Soltani


Sahar Family Foundation, Baghdad, Translated by Mojahedin.ws, July 22, 2008


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