The Irony of a Safe World

How could the world become a safer place with a de-listed terrorist Marxist cult?

Using its large propaganda and lobby campaign in Europe and America, MKO has always wanted to convince the West to remove the group’s name from the list of terrorist entities, The NCRI website states that

“to remove the PMOI from the terrorism list would make the world a safer place.”

The question is: How could the world become a safer place with a de-listed terrorist Marxist cult?

The irony is also here:”A safer Place”. To clarify the item you should answer the preceding question. You might be willing to analyze the consequences of being a terrorist, Marxist and cult-like group, at the same time.

Since its foundation as an opposition to the regime of Shah of Iran, MKO has always been engaged in the armed struggle and has never denounced violence officially. What can MEK do with that long (more than 4 decades) history of bombings, assassinations and military operations mostly against innocent people? The background has been reported several times by various international bodies including the annual report of the State Department in 2007– according to the same organizations the victims of MKO’s terror activities has been mounted as to be countless. They were killed in the numerous bombings, mortar attacks, military operations of the group in Iran and also Iraq. Besides, the group assassinated 7 American military personnel and civilians in 1970s. During the post revolutionary terrorist acts of MKO in 1980s, they bombed various places including streets and even public transportation buses. In one case a 2-year old baby named Leila Nourbakhah burned completely. To check MKO’s chronology of terrorist activities would take plenty of time. Only to name a few of a large number will illuminate the broad-minded brains. Thus how can the world be a safer place with de-listed MKO terrorists who celebrated the tragic catastrophe of September 11th in 2001?

The Marxist aspect of MKO should also be considered carefully. When the primary founders of Mujahedin-e-Khalq founded the organization in the 1960s, the Iranian political activists were seriously influenced by leftist communist opinions. Therefore the basis of the group was based on a mixture of Marxism and Islamism ideology (the two very controversial ideologies). The flag of the organization represented the both tendency. In all the group’s manifests in Mojahed Journal you could find the traces of Marxism of which all the world has tired the disasters as the equivalent of dictatorship in the Animal Farm.

Professor Paul Sheldon Foote gives an appropriate nickname to Rajavi; Pol Pot of Iran and his neo-conservative supporters are called neo-Trotskyites.


So can the removal of Mujahedin from the list make the world a safer place?

According to Human Rights Watch  MKO is a destructive cult due to many reasons that are stated by all former members. All the characteristics of a cult are seen in MEK: the isolated atmosphere, the absolute leadership, and the indoctrination system as well as manipulation techniques ruling the group.

The cult trains the members up to the absolute devotion level where they are at any time ready to die for the leaders as what the members did in June 2003 when Maryam Rajavi was arrested by French Police. They launched a wave of self-immolation throughout Europe creating tragic scenes before the citizens’ eyes to protest the arrest of the leader!

The threat of the cult is not limited to the short-term disasters but it has long-term consequences too, such as the Ideological Revolution that forces the couples to divorce and give their children to the organization.

 These children will grow up as they are trained by the cult practices. They won’t have any feeling or emotion except the hatred towards Islamic Republic.

 The manipulation techniques are functioned so exactly that the actual members and future militia cannot make the least basic decision of their lives. They only obey the orders of their authorities.

 Therefore, by de-listing the PMOI if the world doesn’t become a more dangerous place, it surely won’t be a safer place.

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