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MEK: an obstacle to Obama administration’s debate with Iran

Every peace-loving person in the world definitely believes in a peaceful negotiation between Iran and the US. More sanctions against Iran or a militaryblank invasion against Iranians will never end with a better situation for Iranian nation but with death and destruction and more hostility between the two countries.

Today President Obama is talking of diplomatic solutions to deal with Iran and the Iranian authorities will also be willing for talks if the US ends its hostile approach. Many groups and individuals welcome this move. However the neo-cons in the US who dominate Pentagon have launched a large campaign for regime change in Iran. There is also another violence minded group that views its survival in a worsened US-Iran relation.

The destructive cult of PMOI (People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran, MEK, MKO) is still under American troops’ supervision in Camp Ashraf, although it has come under Iraqi control since January. MKO leaders and their agents are now launching a large propaganda campaign to prolong this protection since the West is their last resort after the shutdown of Camp Ashraf by the Iraqi authorities. Therefore, they engage themselves in poisoning the atmosphere in US-Iran relations. They protested outside the White House a few weeks ago to prolong their American protection over Camp Ashraf. Besides they have an active deceitful lobby in the US Congress to win support of the American congressmen by repeating the same nonsenses about Iranian nuclear program. They try to demonstrate themselves as an effective opposition group to the government in Iran but MKO is just a   politico-religious cult that manipulates its victims, violates their basic human rights, separates their family from them, and tortures the internal dissidents physically and mentally.

MKO’s involvement in terrorism is very clear in its four-decade history. It assassinated several American civilians and military personnel’s working in Iran in the 1970’s. Once MKO has been disarmed by the US army, they have no more arms to assassinate their targets physically but this does not end their terrorism since MKO is a terrorist group by nature which has all the criteria of a destructive cult because of its destructive approaches against its victims. People’s Mujahedin Cult maintains its terrorist nature by its manipulative mind control system.

As a mind control cult, MEK uses all cult techniques to turn its victims into suicide bombers or individuals who are always ready to set themselves ablaze for their leaders. Thus MKO maintains its terrorist nature by terrorizing the personality and the individuality of its members.

There is also another reason for MKO’s terrorism: according to defectors, MKO members in Camp Ashraf celebrated the Sep 11 terrorist attacks while Masud Rajavi was saying :”this was the extremist Islam [AlQaida]. See, what will the revolutionary Islam [MKO] does?”

The terrorists of MKO cult, today, through their websites are exploding bombs in the air between US and Iran in order to bring regime change to Tehran by the help of their new supporters similar to the acts of terror they did against the Iraqis and Iranians when they were collaborating with Saddam Hussein during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

The US administration and US politic men are strongly advised to try not be deceived by MKO’s propaganda system. The US military and Iraqi authorities should provide help to the victims of the Rajavi’s cult in Camp Ashraf, to choose their fate with their own free will. They should be given the opportunity to leave the cult-like system of the group in which most of the members are kept by force or due to the manipulative system.

So, the US administration has to remove the obstacle against productive negotiations with Iran. Since MKO has no support among Iranian public and government, to end the US protection for the group, will pave the way for peaceful talks.

By Mazda Parsi

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