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Nejat NewsLetter NO.27

Inside this issue: Nejat News Letter,April 2009

1.    Happy Nowruz

2.    MKO denies members to choose next stay

3.    An Interview with Iraq’s National Security

4.    Advisor about Camp Ashraf

5.    Iraq’s National Security Advisor on MEK

6.    The US’s position on the disposition of Camp Ashraf

7.    MKO Suicide bombers

8.    22 MKO ringleaders await prosecution

9.    Iraqis preparing to expel MKO

10. Iranian dissidents in Iraq. Where will they all go?

11. Unwanted guests, Iraq’s controversial issue

12. Invited by Saddam: Iranian opposition members refuse to leave Iraq outpost

13. Iraqi security adviser discusses MKO

14. MKO desperate for Arab support

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