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A serious mistake may never repeat

Never thought to be so, the presence of MKO in France has turned to be a domestic controversial issue. In spite of being removed from the EU list of terror, the French authorities are well aware of its cultic threat that might jeopardize the nation’s security. The challenge France is faced with has its roots in the time when the hijacked Iranian plane in 1981 landed in Louvre airport where Masoud Rajavi was welcomed with nobody taking the consequences of this action into consideration. It is likely that the reason was the position of France among the European countries due to its great revolution and well-known slogan that all great revolutions of the world have their roots in the cafés of France. Thus, they considered it an honorable action to support this group. However, they failed to recognize that the nature of Rajavi’s group was different from that of great revolutionary leaders and social peace-lovers. Here we refrain to judge whether French authorities had other hidden reasons for admitting Mojahedin or not. It suffices to the point that France leads all European countries in welcoming oppositions and consequently, has accepted Mojahedin disregarding their true nature.

Soon France found out the true identity of those to whom political refugee was given, yet their next activities in foiling their efforts seemed futile. They managed to expel Rajavi in 1986 but they were unaware that the issue of the presence of Rajavi and his followers in France had not come to an end and was turning to a real challenge for France. An instance is the fact that since then, Mojahedin have commuted between Iraq and France at will and also turned France into their central domicile among European countries. In addition, they have many security and legal cases on investigation in French courts and are under close surveillance of DST since their residence therein. The reports show that Mojahedin have broken all the norms of refugees and have committed all kinds of crimes under the cover of their political refugee status as an opposition fighting for freedom and democracy.

The crimes committed by Mojahedin are so numerous that this article fits not to include all, yet French authorities are well aware of them. Furthermore, there are other crimes and misdeeds of Mojahedin that France has to conceal due to political and diplomatic considerations. These crimes have been registered and described fully in the judiciary and security organs of France and are not to be reviewed here. As it was said before, France was unaware that Rajavi was not an ordinary political figure, rather he formed a very complex and expensive organization that would pave the way for the activity of his followers in France after drawing them back from Iran as a result of suffering a great defeat in guerilla warfare policy inside Iran. Giving leave to these forces to enter France was the second strategic error of France while it had been revealed that Auver-sur-Oise was the centre of terrorist activities of Mojahedin.

Inrush of these forces to France was the best advantage for Rajavi since they made the ground for him to strengthen his organizational establishment in France. It took 5 years until the time when France could recognize the adverse effects of the presence of MKO members in France and decided to force them out whereas it was not the end of the scenario as France paid most costs when Rajavi had formally left France. In fact, just the head of the organization had been driven out while its body that consisted of time bombs remained there.

France made some other mistakes too and the third one was letting Maryam Rajavi to reside in Auver-sur-Oise after the fall of Saddam. It suffices to point out that Maryam Rajavi returned to France along with 400 members of the so-called leadership council of Rajavi and only God knows the severe and terrible phases that they had passed to gain the qualification of safeguarding Maryam Rajavi. As Rajavi stated, they were the most faithful ideological members of MKO and had the responsibility of keeping Maryam and Masoud secure against all assaults and offenses.

On the potential competence of these members, it can be said that some of them were even inferior to the members of council of leadership. However, they were experts of some kind and shocked the world and Europe by their suicidal actions like self-immolations in Paris streets to force French government to set Maryam Rajavi free to immunize her against further threats. In fact, our warnings on prohibiting the entrance of the remnant members to France aimed at preventing the integration of the head and body of MKO; the imminent disastrous event maneuvered on by Mojahedin has occurred years ago upon the entrance of Maryam Rajavi and 400 members of council of leadership.

Mojahedin are afraid lest French authorities put their negligence in last decades aside and make the grounds for separation of the head and body. Ashraf residents, except for those who seek to detach from MKO, are like the cells and organs of this monster that would show their true nature after joining other cells and organs and the head. All the costs paid by France up to now has been just a result of the existence of the head of the organization and their primary task at the time being is to stop the joining of MKO highrankings and rank-and-file in Auver-sur-Oise or any other place in France.

In a nutshell, the disaster has occurred since many years ago and has targeted France. The entrance of Ashraf residents to Auver-sur-Oise means the end of a long-time project that Rajavi plotted long before when he lost his ideological and strategic ally and patron, Saddam, in Iraq. It is an issue of high significance for them and tied to their destiny. It is an issue of high significance for Mojahedin to recoil to the same bastion they once migrated to Iraq. But will French authorities make the same mistake, this time not a bunch of political campaigners but the most experienced terrorists trained under Saddam, to let them in? Auver-sur-Oise deserves to remain a calm, picturesque resort for Parisians than becoming a military citadel for terrorists and cultic practices.

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