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Camp Auvers; a Bastion of Unpredictable Events

The French all over the world are proud to have been host to many political groups and freedom fighters. They also claim that many anti-colonial revolutions have been born in French and Parisian cafés even that of Algeria that was formed against the France itself. All these revolutions had great achievements at least at the early years after their formation under the effects of the great revolution of France. The presence of these revolutions may be considered to some extent an offshoot of this revolution developed almost three centuries ago.

There are some popular names like Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Frantz Fanon, André Malraux and many more that have been recorded in the history of France as having a key role in preparing the background for the development of these movements. In this regard, a lot of free nations are indebted to France government. The name of France is associated with concepts like democracy and freedom fighting except for some events like that of colonizing Algeria. The French have always been identified as supporters of leaders of legitimate revolutions and they have rarely been host to the enemies of a nation.

France has rarely made the opposition groups under pressure or made any decision to expel them from its soil. In turn, their guests are expected to be hewing to the rights of their host country rather than misusing its hospitality and democratic features. They are not expected to take illegal and blind measures against the French civil law and accuse its institutions and organs ethically and politically, make threat against their dissidents while claiming to be fighting for democracy and freedom or engage in illegal fundraising under the banner of refugee rights. All these have been exceptions that came true after the entrance of MKO to France.

It is almost three decades that MKO has settled in France and there has occurred numerous shocking and unexpected events every year since then and many more have been committed behind the scenes and out of sight of outsiders as acknowledged by the French officials. The establishment of a fortress in the suburbs of Paris is the symbol of these illegal and threatening activities. There, MKO has managed to turn Auvers-sur-Oise into a territory out of the control of French officials by means of its laundering activities in France and other European countries.

Their bastion in Auvers-sur-Oise has turned into a spot for this cult of personality and its leaders to further their terrorist and egocentric objectives from their headquarters in the heart of the Europe. France is now faced with a dilemma between their reputation for supporting opposition groups on the one hand and taking a severe position against the illegal and terrorist activities of a group of cultic members on the other hand. It seems that the France has never been so bewildered in dealing with an opposition trend up to now; a trend that despite its pro-democratic slogans, refrains to respect international rules and not coming to power yet, is after an opportunity to take revenge on its dissidents and critics.

Whatever the position taking of France toward this challenge, it is evident that giving refuge to a terrorist group would be a black mark on its brilliant history. If we regard the ultimate goal of France revolution as the revival of human rights and establishment of democracy and freedom, the act of France in supporting a reactionary trend will be in contrast to all principles and factors that the French have pride in. The expediency and negligence of France toward the cultic and terrorist bastion of MKO in Auvers-sur-Oise is contrary to its duty in keeping national rights and security of its citizens. It is evident that an organization that fails to bear the existence of other parallel opposition and fails to abide by any ethical, political, and democratic rule has nothing to do but manipulating the historical values of France.

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