In his famous «Faust», the German poet Johann von Goethe (1749 – 1828) portrays a human blankbeing who sells himself to the devil in exchange for what is believed to be an acceptable price to get to immortality, but in the end he comes to the bitter fact that entering a deal with the devil can end in nothing but the eternal misery.

This is exactly the conclusion the «MKO» terrorist group has come to ultimately after selling themselves and their country to a devil named Saddam Hussein.

Designating the group as an international terrorist organization is the only thing that both Iran and America agreed on, even before the emergence of al Qaeda up to now. So what is the problem with this group?

First of all, and in order to tell the story in a sequence of facts I should indicate that this organization, which the Iraqi government’s stance against it in order to expel it out of the territory of Iraq is argued and criticized by some, is a terrorist organization, in the meaning of each word.

MKO practiced terrorism against the West and America in particular, through assassinations and bombings against Western interests in the sixties and seventies (for which it’s been now for a long time in the West’s list of designated terrorist organizations). Also it has masterminded a slew of assassinations and bombings against the Iranians since the Islamic Republic was established until recently, perhaps the most notorious of which are their bombing of headquarters of the Republican Party and the bombing of Iran’s parliament in the early eighties, which resulted in the death of dozens of senior Iranian officials, including, former Iranian President Rajaei and prime minister Bahonar and former Iranian judiciary chief Ayatollah Dr. Beheshti.

After relocating to Iraq and under the direct protection of Saddam MKO also committed numerous crimes against Iraqi people. With the help from the Iraqi dictator they gained such a power and authority in Iraq which no one could even dream about it, even members of the Iraqi intelligence service and security forces.

Besides many garrisons in Baghdad were allocated to MKO (in addition to the garrisons in other cities which were already devoted to them). As a few examples we can refer to the garrisons behind the Ministry of Agriculture, between Alsadir Hotel and Saadoun Street, the garrison in Forty Thieves street, Abi Nawas Street, the one in Andalusia Square, the one near Baghdad Hotel and the garrison near to Baghdad hospital.

The elements of this organization had near-absolute powers in safeguarding and investigation. They were present in every street, especially in the vicinity of the headquarters of the government and the presidential palaces and homes of officials and ministers, and the Iraqi people merely watched the heavily armed to teeth MKO members and their armored cars. It was as a result of this miserable situation that dozens of Iraqis were killed or arrested, either intentionally or inadvertently, on mere suspicion of not to stop at night.

Today the presence of this military-trained and armed to the teeth organization in the Ashraf camp (camp, not the city) and the rest of the camps set up for them by Saddam is not only contrary to Iraqi sovereignty, but it is ultimately for the inspiration of other terrorist organizations throughout the world and a letter to them saying that you can commit any crime and spill any blood and in the end sell yourself to the devil (every devil, either small or big) and save your life.

The expulsion of this organization from Iraq is not only in the interest of Iraq, but also the interest of the whole region.

And those who shed tears for such a terrorist group which is rejected by the whole world must be aware that terrorists who have sold their souls to the devil would be prepared to do anything to complete the transaction even if they need to backstab their hosts.

I think it is our duty, as Arabs, to stand by the Iraqis in their just position in order to expel these foreign fighters from their own land.
However for those who are not still convinced, the alternative solution is that they «host» MKO in their own countries away from Iraq. They are nothing more than 3500 individuals and just a few Tanks.
Al-Qabas, Kuwait, May 2009

Translated by Habilian Association

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