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French judges tough with terrorist MKO

Reported by Ayandenews , a new round of French courts’ investigating MKO leading cadres, a new round of French courts’ investigating MKO leading cadres, including Maryam Rajavi and Mehdi Abrishamchiincluding Maryam Rajavi and Mehdi Abrishamchi, for the terrorist charges has dropped the rankings just in the middle of a mare’s nest. The ranking leaders under the investigations are facing charges of terrorist plots in Iraq, Iran and Turkey as well as illegal activities of laundering and the like.

The leaders had already circulated among the cadres that they had arrived at a compromise with the European countries on many issues and that they could possibly face no problem therein.

The move by the French judges has made it really hard for the leaders to justify what is going on. It may intensify the challenges the organization is already facing as well as causing the members to lose their trust in what the leaders implant in them.

Despite having good lobbies in European parliaments, Maryam Rajavi’s base in Auvers-sur-Oise was unexpectedly raided on June 2003 and she was arrested along with a number of ranking members. It was only after the widespread self-immolation of members that Maryam Rajavi was set free. The organization is not acquitted of the terrorist charges and the French counter-terrorist forces closely monitor any move that may threaten the security of the country.

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