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To the judges of European supreme court of justice

Honorable and distinguished judges of European supreme court of justice

We are a group of former members of pmoi( People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran) who had MKO defectors letter to the judges of European supreme court of justicespent a great deal of their lives in Ashraf garrison and the other bases of this organization in Iraq and during those years we had been witnessing horrifying incidents and events which were all related to human rights and sentimental issues. Around 2 weeks ago on 21 of December 2011 ,you rejected the French government appeal of the European union verdict of 4 of December 2008 related to revoking terrorist label against pmoi and you emphasized and reiterated over delisting of this organization from the terrorist list and you called the French appeal request as an invalid request. In issuing of this verdict the role of Mrs. Shariston as the attorney of this file and dossier is very clear.

We know perfectly that most human rights issues as well as juridical and humanitarian issues throughout the world are contaminated to the wrong policies and any humanitarian principles are trampled easily for the sake of political and economical interests and the only thing which has lost its value is humanitarian and human rights values.

We know also that sometimes listing and delisting of the terrorist organizations has been affected by the contaminated and wrong policies and politics and if everything was implemented and carried out justly ,there was no need to put this organization(pmoi) in the European and US terrorist list in long interval from each other, because the performance of this organization during past 30 years is not covert for anyone.

Honorable judges

You are confronted with the organization which during the first years of the beginning of arm struggle had done hundreds assassinations on the streets ,so called revolutionary executions, and they have assassinated and slain more than hundreds of Iranian people by using bombs and automatic submachine guns ,in the pretext of their cooperation and involvement with the different Islamic republic organizations, on the streets and in mosques .

You are confronted with the organization ,which from 1981 till few years after the Kuwait war, has bombed and exploded governmental buildings and oil pipes and other places which as a result of that many innocent people have been killed and slain by them.

You are confronted with the organization which has implemented and carried out more than hundreds mortar attacks and missile operations on the streets of Tehran and other cities of Iran just few years before the fall of Saddam Hussein and they have targeted the buildings which both military personnel and ordinary innocent people ,like women and children, were in it.

You are confronted with the organization which has assassinated few American military advisers during the shah’s time in 70,s and had participated in hostage taking of American Embassy in Teheran ( they had a significant role in that operation which some video clips related to that event is available in YouTube).

You are confronted with the organization which its spiritual leader ,Massoud Rajavi, declared in official gathering that he will assassinate and slay the pmoi separated members and his critics on the streets of Europe if he does not succeed and fail in his cultic plans.

Honorable judges

You are on the position of judgment and many eyes are watching you. if one of those terrorist military operations happened and occurred in European cities , you would have silenced? Have not you condemned it as a terrorist act ?

Had not the leader of this organization , Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, declared self immolation order to her own members in the heart of Europe in 2003 and because of that order more than ten people set themselves on fire for her release? Do you know that simultaneously with Europe also in Ashraf Garrison the pmoi operatives had recruited for self immolation? Do not you think that these brutal and savage actions are not a terrorist danger for the future of Europe?

Honorable judges

Each one of us has lost one or more members of our families during these 30 years and also we have sacrificed and spent many years of our lives in this organization to fight against Islamic republic … we know well that the brutal and bloody policies of Massoud Rajavi during past 30 years has been precisely against the peaceful struggle and demanding democracy of Iranian people . we know very well that if any person who has perpetrated many crimes ,he or she can not be punished or killed on the alley or street by the order and the will of some one else without going to the court of law and without any trial and official judgment and this brutal action be called as a revolutionary execution and they call it as a street trial . you as the professionals in your position in judicial and juridical affaires know very well that these kind of brutal actions are the clear and apparent breach of human rights rules. No one can be punished without the trial and substantiation of the crime but the leaders of pmoi are not committed to such international rules and they have not showed any remorse of their brutal and bloody past in nowhere.

You honorable judges know that we had been members of this cult in the past and forcibly we knew such actions ( specially in the cold war which was the era of arm struggles) as an legitimate and lawful action because we did not have any idea about the breach of human rights , juridical and lawful issues because our thoughts were formed by the things which our leaders were saying to us, but you in the free and democratic world and society knew that such actions do not have any lawful and juridical legitimacy and we expect you to review the past of this organization carefully one more time .

Do you know that colonel Sayad Shirazi was assassinated and killed right in front of the eyes of his child on the street by the direct order of pmoi leader ,Massoud Rajavi? Who had put this colonel on trial and sentenced him to be executed and killed without any court of law and any official verdict even if he had done many crimes ? In which court of law such verdict and maximum penalty, death by firing squad, has been issued? Do you accept that a criminal , any criminal , be executed or assassinated in front of his terrified eyes of his own child? This is just an example of hundreds assassinations that pmoi has done.

Most of the pmoi assassinations had happened on streets and inside the mosques . we do not judge about the crimes which had perpetrated by the people who were assassinated but we are talking about the way of handling those trials and the punishments . Do you know that inside of the mosques women and children were present and some of those innocent people also were wounded or killed by the assassins? what about those innocents, women and children, who were wounded and killed?

Some of us were present in the scuffles which happened after the Kuwait war in Iraq. many times the homes and the properties of the ordinary iraqi people were targeted in the cities such as Touz Khormatou and Soleymanbak and Kefri and women and children and elderly people got injured and they were crying and begging the pmoi operatives not to target their homes . Do not you think that such actions are terrorist act and crime against humanity?

Honorable judges

Do the leaders of this organization has changed their violent strategy and policy? if it is true where have they declared it officially? is their forcible disarmament the criteria of their change? If it is true why during past 2 years hundreds of the pmoi members who were equipped with hand made baton , club , archery and wooden shields were sent by Massoud Rajavi direct order to fight against Iraqi soldiers? why those pmoi members by the direct order of Massoud Rajavi throw rocks and pieces of iron and fireballs toward the elderly parents of those pmoi stranded members?

Do you ,as honorable judges ,have enough recognition of the leaders of this dangerous religious cult? Have you spoken with hundreds of separated members of this cult to find more vital facts about their internal relations?

There is no doubt that the politics may be contaminated to corruption and we hope that the European courts specially the European supreme court of justice will always be free of any politics But there is an ambiguity for us that for what reason the French government appeal has been rejected?

Do not you think that the leaders of this cult are terrorist so how do you call and see those terrorist actions which had been perpetrated by pmoi during past 30 years ? and if you think that the leadership of this cult has changed its strategy and behavior what is your criteria and how do you confirm it? Is Rajavi ready to say in the Press and the Media that he is remorseful of all terrorist actions that he ordered and he says officially that he is responsible and has made a mistake? If they do not want to say it , so with what criteria can you be completely confident and sure that after all these events and residing of Massoud Rajavi and some of pmoi operatives in Europe, again they do not begin their terrorist actions against their dissidents and critics?

Honorable judges

We ,as the former members of this dangerous religious cult , have been witnessing of many terrorist and criminal actions which have been planned by Massoud and Maryam Rajavi and we are ready to be present at any court of law that you mention to testify as witnesses . Most of those crimes has occurred against the dissidents and critic members and those crimes have been covert unfortunately . many members have lost their lives in Ashraf Garrison either under torture or by committing suicide and self immolation and more than hundreds of those members were incarcerated either in Ashraf garrison or Iraqi prisons such as Abughrib prison ,just because they were against the pmoi internal ideological revolution. Many of those pmoi incarcerated members in Iraqi prisons were exchanged as prisoners of war (POW) with Islamic republic. All those suicides which happened inside Ashraf garrison were because of inhumane pressures which the pmoi leadership exerted upon them.

So how is it possible to go through of all those facts without scrutiny and investigation and just by false claims of pmoi leadership and its officials, give the verdict? What about all those victims of pmoi terrorist actions , have they been mentioned in your verdict? Do not you think that before any verdict ,it was better to talk with some of those victims and let them share their views and experiences about pmoi with you? Have you been informed that during current year many pmoi members escaped from Ashraf garrison and took refuge in United Nation and among them there were women of leadership council ? was it not better for you and your verdict to talk with them first who are the most valuable sources and witness of the pmoi internal relations?

We are eager to see justice to what extent in the supreme court of justice and other European courts what comes first? We hope that with this verdict( which is only in favor of pmoi leaders and it does not solve any problems of those stranded members who have been victims of the pmoi leadership’s terrorist and inhumane policies) the future of the European youth will not be affected by the sectarianism and dangerous terrorist actions which may happen by the rise of religious cults and sects on European soil.

We, the former members of this dangerous religious cult, are ready to help you as much as possible to inform you more about these dangerous religious cults because we do not want that European youth like us become victims of such cults which are capable of brainwashing and forcing them to set themselves on fire and commit suicide for the sake of cultic thoughts and ideology. Fortunately the Iranian informed and intelligent girls and boys have shown perfectly during the recent years that they have recognized utterly these kind of cults, consequently for their own safety and security, they keep their distance from them as much as possible for that reason Rajavi has lost his hope on Iranian youth and instead he has counted on European youth.


The group of the former members of pmoi residing in Europe

Mohammad Razaghi
Hamed Sarrafpour
Batul Soltani
Jafar Ebrahimi
Batul Maleki
Hassan Piransar
Nader Naderi
Alireza Nasrollahi
Mahmoud Sepahi
Homayon kahzadi
Saeed Naseri
Mohammad Karami
Nasrin Ebrahimi
Ghafour Fatahiyan
Alireza Miraskari
Ali akbar Rastgo
Massoud Khodabandeh
Ali Ghashghavi
Mehdi Khoshhal
Millad Ariyaie
Anne Singleton
Mehdi Sojodi
Ali Jahani
Mehrdad Sagharchi
Mohammad Hussein Sobhani
Rohollah Tajbakhsh
Mohsen Abaslou
Majid Rohi
Behzad Alishahi
Karim Gholami
Amir Movasaghi
Hadi Shamshaeri
Edvard Termado
Abbas Sadeghi

Faryade Azadi, January 07 2012

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