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To the President of the European supreme court of justice

Palais de la Cour de Justice
Boulevard Konrad Adenauer Kirchberg Mohammad Karami,MKO defector
LU-2925 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Arrêt dans l’affaire C-27/09 P
France / People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran

Honorable President of the European supreme court of justice

I , Mohammad Karami , had been a member of pmoi( People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran) since 1976.

In 1977, I got arrested by the S.A.V.A.K ( the Shah’s security service) and after a while I got released.

I got arrested in 1980 as a result of political activities in Iran and I was sentenced to death by Islamic Republic ,but fortunately I could escape from the Islamic Republic prison along with some of my friends . In 1984 as a result of my disagreements and objections with the policies of pmoi leadership, I got arrested for 6 months and during imprisonment I was under severe torture . During my membership in pmoi as a result of my objections against the dictatorship policies of the pmoi leadership , I got beaten up more than 40 times and I was put on trial many times. In the last two trial , I was sentenced to death by Massoud Rajavi himself. After the downfall of Saddam Hussein government as a result of turbulent conditions inside pmoi , I along with some of my friends could escape from pmoi and we took refuge in American camp , TIPF.

Honorable judges

The French government appeal of the European Union verdict of 4 of December 2008 related to revoking terrorist label against pmoi, it was a just and correct request. The French government has a very good recognition of the pmoi activities which its headquarter based in Auvers-sur-Oise .The French government has distinguished perfectly that pmoi is a terrorist organization. For this reason Maryam Rajavi with other 160 pmoi operatives and officials along with a great amount of documents( such as 8 million euro which was inside a drawer of Maryam Rajavi’s worktable and many plans which pertained to their intention of attacking to places in Europe and occupying them) got arrested by French police on 17 June 2003, truly the US state department has listed them as a foreign terrorist organization.

Honorable judges

I ,as a former member of pmoi who has almost 30 years record of service and membership in pmoi, had been witnessing many terrorist activities of pmoi such as the suppression and slaying of the Iraqi Kurds in Northern part of Iraq in 1991, suppression and slaying of Iraqi Shiae in Southern part of Iraq in 1991, slaying and killing of Iranian defenseless people, slaying of Iranian people in pretext of having beard ( the pmoi operatives were guessing that the people with beard were working for Islamic Republic government ), targeting the Iranian oil pipes with explosives , begetting and creating intimidation among ordinary people, suppressing and killing of the dissidents inside their relations , sending their dissidents to the notorious Iraqi prison , Abu ghrib, beating up their opposition and dissidents , issuing execution order to kill and assassinate the dissidents and separated members of pmoi ….

I am completely ready to participate in any international court of law which intend to investigate about the pmoi crimes and I am ready to stand as a reliable witness with 30 years record of service and membership in pmoi and testify about those crimes in that court of law . I am a victim of pmoi who has been beaten up and threatened many times by the pmoi operatives and supporters in Europe which its files and dossiers are accessible in police station.

All the best
Mohammad Karami- Paris/ France

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