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MKO ex-members’ letter to the President of EP

blankLetter of a number of former members of the MKO in Iraq to the President of the EP concerning the deeds of the proxies of the Rajavi terrorist cult in parliament

President of the European Parliament, Mr Hans-Gert Pöttering, Brussels

On Thursday April 23, 2009, a motion for resolution was tabled in the European Parliament by a number of advocates of the Rajavi terrorist cult including Mr Alejo Vidal-Quadras who has recently been an exceptional guest of the MKO destructive cult in Ashraf garrison in Iraq. In that motion the situation that has been described is quite contrary to the actual facts as well as baselessly accusing the Iraqi government.

The text of the speech delivered in the Chamber of the EP by Mr Alejo Vidal-Quadras to defend such a motion and ruling out the other proposed amendments which in reality defended the inhabitants trapped in the Ashraf cult garrison is brought below as a reminder:
Friday, 24 April 2009 – Strasbourg

Alejo Vidal-Quadras, – Mr President, this morning we will be voting on a joint motion for a resolution co-signed by four political groups on the situation of the Ashraf refugee camp in Iraq. Three thousand five hundred Iranian men and women, members of the democratic opposition to the fundamentalist regime in Iran, live there completely defenceless. In the last few weeks they have been under pressure and harassment by the faction of the Iraqi Government under the influence of the Iranian regime, and there is a high probability that at any moment a tragedy could happen that would parallel the ones we witnessed in the Balkans not so long ago.

We all remember Srebrenica, and I have no doubt that no Member in this Chamber wants a second Srebrenica in Iraq. Our motion for a resolution is a call to alert public opinion all over the world before a disaster takes place. Unfortunately, some colleagues have tabled amendments that could increase the danger for the residents in Camp Ashraf and provide the Iranian regime and its proxies in Iraq with arguments to massacre them.

I recently visited the camp myself and I assure you that the allegations included in the amendments tabled are absolutely unfounded. People in Ashraf are there on a volunteer basis. They are free to leave whenever they want and they live in the best friendly relations with the Iraqi population of the region. The intention of our motion is to protect these people. Nobody would understand – but if these amendments are adopted the result of the motion would be exactly the opposite.
This is not a political issue, colleagues: it is purely humanitarian and it is very urgent. I beg you to vote against all amendments tabled to this joint motion supported by these four groups and support the motion as it has been agreed by these four groups that are of very different political stances. The lives of many innocent and harmless people depend on your vote. Please do not let them down.

As you are well aware, the proposed amendments which Mr Vidal-Quadras so strongly opposes are based on the testimonies given by many rescued former members of the Rajavi terrorist cult. They describe the situation of human rights inside Ashraf garrison as disastrous and remind us that visits by international human rights organizations to this cult garrison, which lacks the minimum individual rights, were sought. According to Mr Vidal-Quadras this just demand would provide the Iraqi government with the excuse to massacre all of them!

It is worth mentioning that the speech delivered by Mr Vidal-Quadras as well as the contents of his motion for amendment to the resolution is exactly coordinated with the bizarre stances of the leaders of the MKO. For instance nobody in the whole world claims that a faction of the Iraqi government is a proxy of the Iranian regime which is determined to massacre the inhabitants of Ashraf.

The aim of the leaders of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), which Mr Vidal-Quadras is pursuing in the European Parliament very determinedly, is to keep the people in Ashraf cult garrison isolated from the outside world since only in this case could they be trained to execute sabotage activities inside Iraq.

We wish to ask Mr. Vidal-Quadras through you, why he and the MKO leaders are so severely against the visits of international human rights organizations and direct interviews with the people over there without the presence of the MKO officials and also their free contact and visit with their families, and why he just repeats the MKO leaders’ excuses.

We of course do agree with him that a disaster is about to happen and also the fact that the issue of the Ashraf cult garrison is not a political matter but a human rights one. But those who have lost many years of their lives being captive in that garrison would also like to alert international public opinion to the threats against the innocents in that garrison from the MKO leaders. We do fear that the end of the Rajavi terrorist cult will be like many other cults such as that of Jim Jones in Guyana.

Individuals such as Mr. Vidal-Quadras are certainly responsible for the continuation of the mental and physical captivity of the inhabitants of the Ashraf cult garrison and all the consequences resulted against these people from the cult leaders.

With regards

A number of rescued former members of the Rajavi terrorist cult in Iraq
Baghdad, May 25, 2009

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