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Open letter to President Talebani

Dear Mr. Talebani,
We also believe that it is time to disband Camp Ashraf.

But we also see the Problem, what to do with the inhabitants. They cannot be deported back to Iran without violating international law and human rights and without bringing them in danger to be prosecuted or imprisoned.

You can approach your aim easier – try to get the members of the MKO out of the influence-system of this organisation.

You should separate them from the groups’ daily grind and try to take them back to reality by getting them in contact with their families and the “normal life” outside the camp. Break the chains to the organisations’ ideology and many inhabitants will leave Camp Ashraf voluntary.

Of course, some of the inhabitants will want to stay in the Camp and fight for the MKO anymore, but if you decrease the number of Camp Ashraf inhabitants by interviewing them separated from the groups influence about their own will and taking those who want to leave out of the camp, you maybe can even break the groups’ motivation to fight for Camp Ashraf any longer.

We want to please you, to concentrate on getting in a dialogue with other (western) countries to find places, where the defectors of the Organisation can stay.
You can also intensify your contact to relatives and families of the inhabitants, which can try to convince their loved ones to come home, possibly even to Iran.
You should also negotiate with the Iranian authorities, that those defectors, who were not in touch with any terroristic activities in the past, will not be prosecuted or imprisoned for only being a former member of the MKO.

Show the inhabitants of Camp Ashraf, that do not need to be scared about their future outside the Camp and that leaving the camp and the MKO is a good decision.
If you can save a few of the potential defectors, many will follow.

We support your intent of disbanding Camp Ashraf, but we want you to keep sure, that no one will be deported against his will and under violation international laws and human rights.

Search the help of international human rights organisations and the international community to solve the problem in an human way.

Yours sincerely

AAWA Association
Dipl. Ing. Ali Akbar Rastgou
Iranischer Kulturverein AAWA e.V.
Postfach 903173
D-51124 Köln
Email: info@iran-aawa.com

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