Families urge President Talebani helping them visit their children

Dear Mr. Talebani, President of the Republic of Iraq

We, some of the families of the residents of Camp New Iraq (formerly Ashraf) have been denied access to our children for over 20 years due to the deceitful policies of the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation.

Families of some of the captives in Camp Ashraf, Outside the gate, February 2010

We have gathered from different places such as Iran, Canada, … in the land of Iraq to visit our loved ones. During the last two weeks of our stay here, the leaders of this organisation have refused our demand to meet our families on the direct order of Massoud Rajavi, fearing that such meetings may lead to the ability of our children to decide for themselves and break free from this organisation and join the free world.

We urge your good self, while condemning the anti-humane actions of Massoud Rajavi, to order the facilitation of free meetings between ourselves and our children.

Families of some of the captives in Camp Ashraf

February 18, 2010

Mr. Noori Al Maliki, Prime Minister of Iraq
Ms. Vojdan Michel, Human Rights Minister of Iraq
Mr. Ad Melkert, UN representative in Iraq


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