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MKO footsteps in the recent chaos

Recent information obtained from Paris, London and the UAE reveal that MKO has come under the full mercenary of CIA by providing mental and human resources as well as intelligence help to America’s Central Intelligence Agency so as to play a major joint role in the production of chaos and insecurity inside Iran.
According to the database of Habilian Association (terror victims’ family) quoting from Nahrainnet, CIA began the formation of especial operations rooms at its offices in Washington and in Los Angeles, California, and outside the United States to deal with the aftermath of the election campaign for the presidency in Iran to develop practical programs to influence the course of elections events and destabilize the Islamic Republic.
In this regard CIA established crisis rooms in its Iran Chambers in the capitals of several countries, including some Persian Gulf countries like the UAE three months ago. A variety of suggestions about Iran’s presidential elections were sent to these rooms which were in charge of the implementation of the choices made by the specialists about how to deal with the elections in Iran.
One task of these rooms was to investigate the guidelines of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s rivals in order to discover the one whose ideas are most close to the U.S. ideas.
These rooms also worked to bring the theories of the overthrow of Iranian President Ahmadinejad to the reality in Iran.
The next stage in this process was to find the best ways of exploiting the results of the elections and to make the public believe that the organized chaos by the external factors was actually ordered by the losers of the elections and that the losers had organized attacking the facilities and security, economic and media centers and the intensification of sit-ins at universities, plazas and squares and mosques.
The slogan of these special operations rooms was "More gasoline on the firewood" and it was agreed between the experts of the American Central Intelligence Agency and elements of the People’s Mujahedeen Organization to create chaos in the streets and mosques and universities and prepare for a velvet revolution by using a specific color and to lay grounds for the collapse of the Islamic Republic or cause its weakness so as to accept the conditions of America and the West.
This procedure was set up the way if Mr. Ahmadinejad wins the elections, his victory would seem abnormal and a huge propaganda and extensive media hue and cry would show an incredible fraud in the election.

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