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Nejat Society Gilan Branch appeal to human rights bodies

Following the arrival of Iraqi police to Camp Ashraf and its aftermath which ended with casualties among Ashraf residents, families of Nejat Society tried to contact Nejat Office in Rasht expressing their concern over the health of their beloved children; however they welcomed the act of Iraqi authorities.

The families are well informed of Iraqi humanitarian act to help their beloved ones release from the bars of Rajavi’s Cult, recognizing Iraqi right to control their own territory including Camp Ashraf. Thus, in current crucial situation of Ashraf residents they ask ICRC High Commission for Refugees and all Human Rights bodies especially those of Iraqi nation to help their captured children get rid of the manipulative system of MKO Cult.

The families seriously fear that MKO leaders victimizing the rank and file members of the organization in order that they can save their own lives.

Therefore they urge Iraqi government to arrest authorities of MKO and try them for their criminal acts and treasons against their own members in Ashraf and the crimes they committed against Iraqi and Iranian civilians. In addition, they asked for facilities for the return of dissatisfied members of the cult to Iran.

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