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Petition Against MKO in France

Martyr Sayyad Shirazi’s Son: we complained against Mojahedin-e Khalq in France

In an interview with martyr Lieutenant Gen. Sayyad Shirazi’s Son, reporter of Terror Victims information base, posed some questions in order to explore his assassination from a new angle and besides to take a look at his outstanding personal characteristics:

*What happened the night before his assassination between Martyr Sayyad Shirazi and the family?
I was in the third grade of high school that year and at the night of his martyrdom I had an exam, due to his proficiency in English and mathematics I referred to him to ask my questions.

He had recently come back from Mashhad and his mother’s visit, so he had a great spiritual morale and transferred this morale to family. Indeed he was always kind and affectionate towards family members.

*Did he say anything special that night?
Speaking to me, He emphasized on education and studying. Certainly he had some discussions with other family members too.

*You were present in the day of his assassination, how did it happen?
In the day of his assassination, my father was going to take me and my brother to school.
I went to the yard a bit earlier and saw my father leaving out the Hosseiniyeh, which is located in the lower floor of our house. He put two bags in the rear booth of his Toyota. I put my schoolbag in the car and opened the garage door. At 6:30 he drove the car out of garage. We waited for the arrival of my brother for a few seconds.

I was closing the garage door, Meantime I saw a man, wearing orange clothes which resembled to street sweepers. He was wearing a mask and carrying a broom. Sweeping the ground he approached my father and handled a letter to him. As my father was reading the letter, the sweeper took out a gun and fired four times on his head. He ran quickly to the ally below our house. Likely He was not alone because at that moment I heard the sound of a motorcycle.

When I heard the fire gunshots I rushed to the car and saw my father submerged in blood. Hearing the sound of firing, other members of family came to the house door and quickly we took him to the hospital. But as the bullets hit him on sensitive areas of body i.e. head, brain and skull, he was blessed with martyrdom.

*Regarding his case, what have your family, your lawyer and the government done?
At present, his case is being investigated and I follow it as complainant and witness. All the judicial institutions like Judiciary System, security institutions and armed forces general headquarters have made their best in this regard.

From four years ago this case is being followed in an international impartial court in France. At the beginning of this year, in early Farvardin [March] I had a one-week trip to France in order to set forth my family’s complaint and to explain the details of the assassination as a witness to the court officials. In addition I delivered the documents against this incident. But the result of the court is not yet clear.

*Have you taken legal action by yourself?
No, the complaint officially has been sued by the family four years ago, but before that our lawyers indicted the case in France.
Since 10 years ago by putting the case into the juridical process, our attorney has been appointed and due to the fact that Mojahedin-e Kahlq had claimed responsibility for the assassination, the complaints has been put forward against this organization. *Up to now, how many hearing sessions have been convened?
Many sessions have been convened with the presence of our attorneys but Farvardin’s session was the first hearing session that French court invited me to attend. Most of questions in this session were regarding the particulars of the assassination.

*How much time do you think is needed to conclude this case, and what measures have been done by France court?
We just inform the information that has been transferred to us and the problem is that the curt is being continued for the last 3 or 4 years with the same findings.

*What is your own analysis about concluding this case and arresting the agents of the assassination?
I talk about this issue based on the existed evidences and documents but the Mojaheedin-e Khalq organization has itself claimed responsibility for the attack through internet and video films. French court and the judiciary officials of this country have understood the case and now they are investigated the other aspects of the assassination.
The reason behind the assassination brought up by Mojahedin-e Khalq was confronting Monafeghin in Mersad operation. They have claimed it by film and some other documents.

*Has this organization attained its aim by assassinating martyr Sayyad Shirazi?
The aim of these people is the aim of their organization and they just pursue the interests of their group and organization. As they find individuals like martyr Sayyad Shirazi as a hinder for achievement of their goals, they try to suppress them.
Groups like Mojahedin-e Khalq are destructive terrorist organizations and unfortunately some groups which speak about human rights in the world, de-list Mojahedine- Khalq from the terrorist groups list. But we believe that all terrorist and the groups which train them should be find guilty and respond against their behaviors and acts.

*Claiming responsibility of the assassination by MKO is a symbol of what?
This shows that the assassination was not an instant decision but they had planned for it previously and martyr Sayyad Shirazi was among their terror list. Their aim was to facilitate they rout for conducting their plans. There is the possibility of planning for the attack from a long time ago. Maybe they were just waiting for the right time to put it in practice and the time that he didn’t have a driver or guard was the best time for the assassination.

*Why didn’t he have a driver or a guard?
He was driving himself at the time of martyrdom.
One of his characteristic features was that he didn’t like to bother others; therefore he didn’t have a drive or a guard.

I remember when others talked about this issue; he always said our protector is God. He tried to take responsibilities himself and cause less inconvenience or danger for others.
In addition protecting him could cause some limitations for his family and without the presence of guards he could be comfortable with his family.
Undoubtedly at that time and at present we believe that there had been some negligence in this regard. Today there is still a bit of carelessness about public outstanding characters and I believe that these people should be protected even unnoticeably.

*What kind of personal features have made him a public human character?
Other that being kind and sincere towards family and people of different social classes, he attended the Friday Prayers without standing in the line of high officials’ position. Rather he preferred to say prayers in the back lines along with people with various social classes.
Martyr Sayyad Shirazi attended in religious ceremonies without any special formalities. One of the meetings that he was interested in and attended in, was Haj Agha Mojtaba Tehrany’s sessions, he took notes from the educational points of it.

Martyr Sayyad Shirazi always thought about poor people and tried to help and support them materially and spiritually. He made his best effort to solve the problems of people and tried to never reject their requests.

*What kind of conditions brought about for you and your family after his martyrdom?
We loose him emotionally because he was not only our father but also our teacher. So if the terrorist be arrested and sentenced it would relief our family.

*What is the most important and everlasting memory of him in your mind?
All of the moments beside him are memories for us but all of the trips that I was in his company were quite useful and instructive and I could gain a lot of good experiences.
One of the places he took us with himself was the 8 Years Holy War operational regions. He emphasized on traveling to these areas and being in contact with those who had attended the war directly.
At that time he established the “War Education” group in Officers’ faculty in order to explain the war zones scientifically to the students.

*If someday you face the attacker of your father what will you say?

Just like now we will try to reasonably ask about his purpose and aims and refuse irrational behavior. We are just seeking the enforcement of Islamic law.

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