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Families organize petition

The petition of family members of Nejat Society in Azerbaijan province to the international communities

In a meeting held [with the assistance of Nejat Society] in Eastern Azerbaijan province on September 28, two defectors of MKO joined their families. In the event, a number of MKO members’ families signed a petition addressing Red Cross office in Tehran, Iraq and Switzerland embassies in Tehran and asked for direct meeting with their loved ones held in MKO’s camp Ashraf in Iraq.

The content of the petition is as follows:

“In the name of God


Nejat Society in the Eastern Azerbaijan Province


Red Cross office in Tehran

[US interests section at the] Swiss embassy in Tehran

Iraq embassy in Tehran

We, signatories of this petition, as the families of a number of people held by the organization of Mojahedin-e khalq in Camp Ashraf in Iraq ask the respected officials to manage our direct meeting with our loved ones in Iraq to become certain of their mental and physical status and get them back to the family.

Families signing the petition:

1. Nasser Fakhri

2. Mir Mohsen Mortazavi

3. Ali Joodat

4. Dariush and Mahboobeh Dabbagh Tabrizi

5. Salman Dolat Panah

6. Ali Akbar Azimi

7. Hassanali Pour Mohammed Rouhi

8. Mehdi Sojoodi

9. Abolfazl Sheikh Beglou

10. Abdullah Nikbakht Tabrizi

11. Kheirallah Mohammed Alian

12. Nasser Javanshir

13. Hassan Rahnamai Ana Khatoon

14. Majid Ashk Khooni

15. Ramin and Majid Hassan Pour

16. Jalal Fakhimzadeh

17. Bakhshali Alizadeh

18. Habibeh Onsorian

19. Mohammed Reza Sedigh Aghbolagh

20. Mohammed Ali Baghbanbashi

21. Ali Asghar Karami

22. Suleiman Kheiri

23. Javad Abdi Nemat Abad

24. Karim Nalbandian (Ashrafi Vala)

25. Ali Hamed Ranji

26. Zekr Ali Zibayee

27. Kheirallah Mohammedian

28. Mir Sadegh Hejazi

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