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MKO attacks reporters prior to covering Ashraf relocate

Reporters preparing to cover the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) members’ relocate from Camp Ashraf were attacked today in Baghdad.

The blast was one of the three car bombs killing at least 4 people, Habilian Association (families of terror victims) website quoted the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) as reporting.

Upon a call from the Iraqi government, the reporters were going to go to Camp Ashraf to cover the MKO’s relocate to Baghdad. The blast at least wounded a reporter who was waiting with colleagues at Baghdad’s Green Zone to move to the camp. Another car bomb was blasted in a car park opposite to the Iranian embassy in Baghdad.

The Iraqi government had vowed to relocate the MKO from Camp Ashraf to Bghdad on Tuesday.
The MKO terrorists had threatened the Iraqi government to resist the security forces upon their entering Camp Ashraf.

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