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Shutting down the notorious Ashraf Garrison, the end of treason and crime

After nearly thirty years residing in Iraq , finally it seems despite of fruitless and futile efforts by cult’s leaders , the stronghold of Rajavi’s cult will be shut down and dismantled for good by popular Iraqi government, and decades of treason and crime against Iraqi and Iranian people will come to end at last.

The Iraqi government has decided to expel the remnant of Saddam’s suppressive forces, PMOI, from its soil according to its national sovereignty and constitution which is a fair and square decision . The first step is to shut down the Ashraf Garrison and transfer all the residents to the remote location which is called “Naqreh Salman” in southern part of Iraq. Iraq with its new and popular government after the fall of its savage dictator , Saddam Hussein, cannot tolerate and bear the existence of such criminals and saddam’s complicit on its soil anymore.

The leaders of this notorious and barbaric cult(Rajavi’s cult) have been terrified by Iraqi government decision upon shutting down the cult’s stronghold in Iraq, because they are perfectly aware that shutting down of their stronghold in Iraq will affect directly upon the cult’s headquarter in Paris which controls and manipulates minds of all those stranded and stuck victims in Ashraf garrison. Ashraf garrison in Iraq has been the heart and Maryam Rajavi’s headquarter in Paris is the brain of this cult, so while the heart stops working and pumping blood to the brain , brain will die.

The cult’s leaders are fully aware that dismantling and shutting down of their notorious garrison in Iraq ,will have harsh and severe consequences in their cult and put an end to the survival of this cult for good , consequently they will resort to inhumane tactics such as “self burning and self immolation” to avert and prevent it. Self immolation and self burning have been the road map and pressure leverage of this cult whenever the cult leaders feel harassed and pestered by outsiders.

They will react severely and harshly and they use their inhumane tactics to confront and deal with their problems and conflictions as they did in the past. The French people have not forgotten self burning and self immolation of a number of PMOI’s brainwashed and deceived victims who set themselves on fire to put pressure on French government to release their cult leader , Maryam Rajavi, from French police custody in 2003.

The essence of this cult rules while the entity of this cult is in danger , the leaders of this cult instruct self immolation of their rank and file in order to rescue themselves from the crisis which they have stuck and stranded in it. Like a scorpion which is surrounded by fire and finds no way out of fire to rescue itself, it stings itself to death , but in this cult the rank and file should pay the price and victimize themselves in order to rescue their leaders from justice.

We have seen and witnessed a number of these inhumane methods such as self burning, hunger strike, and the like, which the cult leaders have imposed upon their victims during past decades.

The only way to stop and put an end to all these brutal and barbaric methods in this cult which has taken numerous lives is to shut down and dismantle the notorious Ashraf- garrison and allow the stranded victims of this cult who have been trapped in this cult for decades to breathe and inhale freedom which has been taken from them by the cult leaders for a long period of time .

The victims who have lost everything they had in their lives and the majority of those victims lost their loved ones without knowing it ,because having any connection with their families was completely forbidden and restricted, any sentiment in this cult toward any member of family was considered as a deadly sin and crime against the well being of the cult leaders.

The members should have sacrificed their love and affection to their families and loved ones just to show their dedication and devotion toward their cultic leaders. Being dedicated and devoted to their supreme leaders , Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, they had to be brain washed and indoctrinated which was implemented via horrendous and terrifying sessions and cultic rituals by the members of governing council under direct supervision of the spiritual leaders of the cult.

All those victims who have been captives and hostages for decades in the hands of the cult’s spiritual leaders need to be rescued from that hell hole ,Ashraf garrison, as soon as possible to breathe and inhale freedom and find their real humane essence after all . The only way to do so is to shut down and dismantle the garrison which carries the curse of history on its name for ever.

I hope such human catastrophe and exploitation which occurred in that cultic garrison never happen for anyone else again. Believe me no one should go through the horrendous and tragic experiences which we went through in Rajavi’s cult.


Hassan Piransar/A victim of Rajavi’s cult/ Paris

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