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The dissolution of Ashraf garrison, an end for the MKO terrorist cult

Describing an identity in a cultic framework which is defined for the members of terrorist cults is to a great extent the cause of terrorist behaviors. Considering the fact that terrorism is a multi- dimensional phenomenon, it should be acknowledged that the role of cultic identity is quite clear in terrorist operations. This reality gains more importance with regards to the terrorist organization of Mojahedin-e Khalq which deceptively recruits members and keeps them imprisoned in Ashraf camp by sever violent methods. Accordingly the efforts of MKO leaders for preserving this camp have tend to focus on those who assume human rights and fighting against terrorism merely as a tool for achieving their goals.

The aggravation of MKO efforts in removing its name from FTO lists of the world takes place while the Iraqi people and government are seriously objecting this terrorist cult’s presence in Ashraf garrison inside Iraqi soil. Therefore the MKO agents are trying their best to decrease the international pressures for defecting Ashraf camp and hold their power over the lands they have seized from Iraqi people.

The MKO terrorist cult has adopted many various ways ( like extensive lobbies with American authorities especially those who are famous for their anti-Iran approaches or taking human rights gestures or propaganda stances in sensitive issues like the nuclear issue of Iran) in order to keep its sovereignty over its member as the only guarantee for its survival.

In doing so, this terrorist cult has managed to find the required ground in a country in which it is enlisted in FTO list of its Department of State. The anti-terrorism policies of the USA are so baseless that recently a Washington appeal court has ordered the department of State to review the terrorist designation of MKO. In the same line of policy, Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State in an interview declared that they are analyzing the issue based on some considerations. It is worth mentioning that MKO enjoys the support of high-ranking US officials and six committees (identified by Barbara Slavin, American reporter) responsible for this issue. They are trying to remove MKO from the list of foreign terrorist organization of the USA.

Considering the fact that most of the MKO members have been brainwashed by the leaders of this cult and many more are imprisoned in Ashraf garrison despite their own will, this Camp plays a vital role in the survival of the terrorist cult. Now regarding the explicit request of the Iraqi people and government for the expelling of this sect, the only remaining reason for the continued presence of MKO in Iraq must be the illegal support of the USA from 2003. After the announcement of US secretary of Defense Robert Gates, based on the complete departure of American soldiers from Iraqi soil by summer 2011, the leaders of MKO feel frightened and wandered. They are now taking any possible measure for preventing the dissolution of the cult. Only by getting familiar with these situations, we can understand the destructive activities of the MKO against the legal government of Nouri Al- Maleki and other Iraqi officials who insist on the dissolution of Ashraf Camp.

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