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Ms. Abdullahi returns to the families gathering in front of Ashraf garrison

Ms. Abdullahi who went into coma for heart failure and high hypertension and was hospitalized on Wednesday 4 Aug 2010 in Baghdad after 6 months of picketing in front of the base of Rajavi cult in Iraq returned back to the gathering of the families after being relatively well again.

The families do their activities after breaking fast in the evening until the noon next day in several groups regarding Ramadan. They use loudspeakers to give their massages to their seized relatives only a few hundred meters away and reveal the true nature of those deceiving them.

The leaders of the cult on the other hand use powerful loudspeakers inside the garrison against the voice of the families and make loud noises to counter their activities. Practically a sound war goes on at nights on the gate of Ashraf.

The families learned about Ms. Batul Soltani being attacked by Rajavi’s thugs in Europe and showed their hatred towards this action and condemned it on their loudspeakers.

The news of MKO (Rajavi cult) being designated once again as a foreign terrorist organization by the US State Department was also announces by the loudspeakers for the captured followers inside Ashraf garrison.

Ms. Abdullahi responded to the kind massage of the families from the northern province of Gilan in Iran who had asked about her health. The text of the response is as follows.

Salutes and Praises

I wish to express my gratefulness to all those in the province of Gilan who attended the Nejat Society and asked about my health and also all those inside and outside Iran who called and made me ever so pleased. I managed to gain my health relatively after your praying and I returned to the gathering of the families outside Ashraf garrison.

I consider myself a minor member of the families who are missing their loved ones and find myself serving for their cause and I would do so until we reach our goal.

Do we the families after nearly 7 months of picketing want anything but to see our relatives outside the garrison without the presence of the cult officials? What are they afraid of? Perhaps they are afraid that if they let the members out of the garrison to visit their relatives they might never go back there again.

But let me reveal a fact based on the experiences the families and I had during this period and share it with those families who have not been here yet.

My family and I did not know the MKO at all. My son was seeking a job and of course a better life in Europe and on his way in Turkey he was trapped by the cult and after 5 years I learned that he is defined in Iraq and inside the MKO base.

When I came here I was only after a simple visit with my son but when I saw the maltreatment of the cult against the families and myself and I talked to those members who had managed to escape the cult, I realized that the Rajavi cult has brainwashed our children and trained them to be just like gladiators who would burn themselves to free Maryam Rajavi from prison to enable her to continue with her carnivals and parities in Paris. They want our children just to fulfill Rajvi’s desires and kill until they get killed. But we the families would never let such a bitter ending occur once again to our children.

The outcome of our children being trained by the Rajavi cult in Ashraf garrison is that they call their families with all sorts of names and insult their old parents who have come from very long distances just to see their offspring.

Our beloved children have been trapped unintentionally by a devil who is aiming to destroy them. Therefore we must strive to save their sole and their body by sacrificing whatever necessary.

We are witnessing that our children are living under very tight securing regulations and both physically and psychologically do not have the means of escaping from Ashraf garrison.

The officials of the cult try not to let our voice reach our children by installing very powerful loudspeakers. Our first hope is of course God.

We have given confidence to our children that one day they would be freed and soon we would create such a situation that they will be able to come out of Ashraf and visit us freely.

You sister
Sorayya Abdullahi
16 August 2010

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