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MKO increases pressure on members to prevent defection


Discontent spreads in MKO camp in Iraq


Disgruntled members of Iranian terrorist group”Mojahedin Khalq”(MKO) based in Iraq have been staging sporadic riots in their ‘Camp Ashraf’ base complaining of forced stay in the camp.


Discontent members of the terror group, which colluded with Iraq’s late dictator Saddam Hussein in his eight-year aggression against Iran, have been complaining of poor conditions in the camp and their lack of access to outside and family members, ISNA reports Sunday, quoting a website operated by families of Iranian terror victims.


They have recently been subjected to tight control and increased pressure by the camp’s leaders for any signs of revolt or discontent. Camp residents are not even allowed to leave the camp for medical reasons.


In the past three month, several MKO members have reportedly escaped from the camp to join family members of those trapped inside the camp.


The family members have been waiting in the vicinity of the camp hoping to hear from or gain access to their loved ones.


According to the report, there have been increased instances of writing anti-MKO slogans on walls and even distribution of flyers critical of senior MKO leaders within the camp.


Originally established in the 1960’s as a group opposing the rule of the US-backed regime of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, some MKO members changed course after the Islamic Revolution in 1978 and opposed the establishment of an Islamic Republic. After conducting numerous major terror operations and bombings against Iranian officials and civilians loyal to the government, most members of the group escaped the country facing wide-spread public wrath.


Eventually, the group colluded with Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran and was allowed to establish Camp Ashtaf near Iran’s western border to assist Saddam in his war effort and also lead an insurgency against the Islamic rule in Iran.

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