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Member – Leader relationship within MKO cult

In order to achieve power on Iranian political scene, MKO leaders view three basic factors for their organizational promotion:
Working more actively, dissolving in the organizational system and actually the most dependence on the organization. The internal relation in MKO has been based on “ambition” and “obedience” as the two faces of same coin.

The internal relation in MKO has been based on “ambition” and “obedience” as the two faces of same coin. The “ambitions” of leaders lead to “obedience” of members. Such a notorious relationship makes a horrifying network of terror and cult-like practices.

Member-leader relationship, in MKO is based on “absolute humiliation” and “absolute power”. In such an organization, the principal rule is the absolute devotion of members and sympathizers to leaders. The minor members have to obey the superior members as an unchangeable principal. The members never believe in their own talent, independence and abilities.

According to MKO cult-like methodology, human rights do not include freedom and democracy as a natural right for human being. The leaders believe that freedom is an obstacle against member’s relation with his UNIQUE leader: Masud Rajavi. They believe that member’s mind is disabled unless when it links to his leader. Thus, they believe that democracy is corruptive and not reforming.

The leader is the only source of goodness and if the relation between the leader and the member interrupts for a moment, the member’s fall (collapse) is inevitable.
The member should never trust his own mind. A member who is not dependent on the leader is always guilty.

Therefore, information is the worst poison for members’ minds. Awareness is a tool for free will and making free decision so it bars the members from absolute obedience. Therefore, awareness is not only redundant in the cult also an obstacle in the way to obey the center [the leader] of the cult.

Behind such bars in the cult of Rajavi, the members submit themselves to the organization. They see the whole world from the restricted aspect Maryam and Massoud Rajavi force them to.

Long term membership in such a cult paralyzes logic and common sense of individuals and paves the way for manipulative practices the leaders use to achieve their ambitions. When the member’s individuality is denied, his thought and emotions will be consequently ruined, the only remaining idea is what the leaders want. So, member becomes an automatic machine which works under the leader’s order. Thus they are always prepared to be sent for suicide operations.

By Mazda Parsi

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