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Who dares to criticize MKO?

In cult-like cultures, there is no way for criticizing the policies because the relationships are based on absolute power and absolute obedience.
In Mujahedin Khalq Organization as well as any other cult, no one is allowed to criticize the group
In Mujahedin Khalq Organization as well as any other cult, no one is allowed to criticize the group. If the member criticizes the leaders and their policies, she or he will be labeled as the agent of Intelligence Ministry of Islamic Republic. The group leaders never present any evidence or document to accuse dissident or critic members but they call them mercenaries of Islamic Republic titling them with humiliating labels. This policy is exactly the one used by the Communists during Stalin era when the government of Soviet Union used to see itself as the unique socialist government on the Earth. They believed that a communist is a person who supports the Soviet Union without questioning or criticizing it. They also used to call their critics as “Social Fascist” or “fifth Column of Imperialism” and execute them on the charge of “spying for Imperialism”.

The MKO is going on the same way that led the Soviet Union to its collapse. Totalitarian organizations believe that absolute truth belongs to themselves so they should fight any person or group who do not accept their strategy and ideology. The logic of MKO leaders is based on what the conditions impose on the organization and the consequent policies they choose. They think they have never made a wrong decision and the policies have always been progressive and leading to victory!

In the belief system of MKO, no one is found that criticizes the group but is not the agent of IRI.

The leaders of MKO never try to respond the critics reasonably. Their only policy to reply critics includes insulting and slandering. They never dare to face the critics logically.

When an organization sees political power as its absolute right and justifies any mean to achieve such a goal, then it is not able to criticize its own practices. Absolute power is not able to extract its own rightfulness from the history since historic process contains logic and reasoning. You cannot change yourself to an essential historical phenomenon without logic arguments. Such a power system uses all its efforts to make an ideal historic rightfulness using the ideology as the main axis.

The Rajavis believe that defectors of their cult do not have the right to criticize MKO. Therefore, the Iranian nations do not have the right to criticize National Council of Resistance and Mujahedin-e-Khalq for their treasons, according to the Rajavis.

Besides the members who are isolated in the cult and are forced to obey the leaders blindly, have been deprived from the ability of criticizing because their minds are solidified under sever manipulation practices of the cult. The only type of criticism they have been taught is self-criticism in which the members have to criticize themselves instead of the leaders!

By Mazda Parsi

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