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NLA, Iranian’s historical achievement

No need to say that a terrorist cult’s bastion is a matter of death and survival and that is the reason why MKO periodically upholds to groundless claims to safeguard its stronghold in Iraq. Rajavi and his propaganda machine are engaged in a never-ceasing, fervent struggle of supporting Camp Ashraf. Massoud Rajavi in his long message of January 20th once more focuses on the strategic significance of Camp Ashraf and NLA (National Liberation Army) pretending that the survival of Mojaheidn depends on keeping their ideological bastion. There is no need to say that this is merely another propaganda blitz for killing time and distracting the attention of the world from the real cultic and terrorist nature of MKO. However, he goes further making a novel claim that can be considered the latest of his serial false promises. As he puts into words:

Maryam and Ashraf proved that in the most tortuous and uneasy periods they will resist up to the last breath… Yes, now after 45 years of Mojahedin life passing in battlefields, it can be asserted that this is the supreme result of the Iranian struggle since constitutionalism in the past 103 years. It may guarantee the imminent victory of Iranians.

This illusion of grandeur and megalomania to the point of calling a cultic bastion like Camp Ashraf as the best result of Iranian struggles in last century has its roots in the Mojahedin common policy of lip service and subservience as an outdated one kept in Rajavi’s isolated museum of Camp Ashraf that is about to turn into a desolate spot after dislocation of Mojahedin. The fact is that Rajavi tries to exaggerate on the fabricated significance of Camp Ashraf from time to time under different excuses including embroidering on the position takings of some Westerners on the significance of Camp Ashraf as a result of Rajavi’s disbursing lots of money for publishing such news to infuse Ashraf residents with the idea that Western media have nothing to do but defending Camp Ashraf and the point that their resistance may result in a global support. Yet it is unclear why these European societies and media cannot persuade Iraqi Government in keeping Camp Ashraf and Rajavi has to resort to cultic procedures. The fact is that his supporters and advocators in defending Camp Ashraf are a number of retied politicians as well as some covering institutes under his command.

It seems that Rajavi has been persuaded that his tricks are of no use and new methods are required to divert the attention of Ashraf residents from realities. The new assertion of Rajavi in his message of January 20th can be evaluated in this regard. Taking a brief look at the past history of the organization and NLA may clarify the situation. Rajavi is like the man claiming to stand in the middle of the earth needing no reason for proving his assertion since nobody troubles himself to test this claim measuring all over the earth to find its middle point. Likewise, Rajavi can claim that his army is the fruit of 103 years struggle in Iran with no logical reason. Even if his whopper is accepted for his consolation, he has to bear in mind that the imminent annihilation of NLA and Camp Ashraf is equal to the total destruction of 103-year achievement of Iranians. Who can believe in such a groundless and false claim except a number of brainwashed victims of a cult of personality?

Rajavi’s grandiose claims have many irrecoverable consequences paid mainly by NLA and Ashraf residents as his false promise of short-time overthrow failed and was replaced by a promise of 6-month, 1-year and long-term overthrow that resulted in an organizational split in MKO. Rajavi has to bear into mind that time is not a phenomenon to be stopped or controlled. As three decades passed and his false promises were disclosed, his present claims will be tested in near future and may end in more disgrace for him. He can make many other false claims too, yet finally the truth will overcome illusion and fantasy and the global community will identify the real terrorist nature of Mojahedin and its leadership.

It seems that Rajavi is drowning in illusion trying to overlook what the reality is. As Don Quixote failed to recognize the reality surrounding him, Rajavi seems to live in an everlasting dream. He is far from understanding that a revolution cannot be achieved overnight through an outdated strategy and false promises. The time will prove the insubstantiality of Rajavi’s claims and then he has to answer what has been the basis of his so-called 103-year result of Iranian history that came to an end by a light breeze.

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