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MKO in a mire called Ashraf

MEK has been stuck in a sheer pragmatism for more than two decades. The strategy of armed struggle using terror tactics in order to achieve power in Iran did not succeed. MEK’s ideological leader has not been able to realize and analyze the concrete situation and the reality of Iranian society so it has been suffering dizziness.

The terrorist cult of Rajavi, apparently relying on ideological Islam and passive understanding of Marxist instructions as their rhetoric of struggle, has had structural and fundamental contradiction in both its thinking system and its view on the world.
MKO in a mire called Ashraf
In its political aspect, MEK has not realized that having a public base among masses of people is a vital factor. Instead they have resorted to a closed cycle of violence for violence and terror for terror.

For three decades, they have never reviewed their strategy and never reconstructed their cult relationships. Because of their psychological, mental problem, they may think that they do not need any change in their ideology and strategy.

Now, where are the MEK going? The captured members of Camp Ashraf have an ambiguous fate. Being stuck in Ashraf, they encounter the risk of being expelled from Iraq; however, their leaders do not permit them to get released from closed bars of the organization in order to visit their families in a free atmosphere without any systematic control by the cult!

MEK speaks of Ashraf a garnished city but there are no children or teenagers in their so-called city. The residents of Ashraf do not have any idea of the notion “Family” because about two decades ago the ideological leader of MEK forced the couples in the cult to divorce and separated their children from their parents. They sent them to Europe to be grown up in a sympathizer family on the basis of terrorist, cult-like believes. They would then be transferred to Ashraf where they would serve as operational agents for terrorist activities.

During the six past years after the disarmament of Mujahedin Khalq by US military, the majority of Iraqi populations have been asking for the expulsion of MEK due to their notorious cooperation with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the massacre of Kurds and Shiites. Thus both Iraqis and Iranians call MEK “traitors”.
After the US army started withdrawing from Iraq, according to an agreement with Iraqi government, the control of Camp Ashraf was handed over to Iraqi authorities and MEK were left with an uncertain future since the popular, democratic Iraqi government is famous for its friendly strategic relations with Islamic Republic so it was determined to take over Camp Ashraf and expel the MEK from Iraqi territory.

The leaders of MEK launched a large-scale propaganda to portrait themselves as a democratic movement before western politicians and parliamentarians. However, human rights bodies including HRW consider the group as a cult of personality around Maryam and Massoud Rajavi. They introduce Camp Ashraf as a military Camp where the values of modern world and the norms of developed societies are violated and the relations are based on manipulation techniques and constant bombing of beliefs.

In January 2009, once more the Department of State considered MEK as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) and the then secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, in a post on US official newspaper, confirmed that the investigations on MEK’s file verified the US administration’s decision for the designation of MEK as an FTO. The Canadian government has also listed MEK as a terrorist group since May 2005.

The members of MEK have not contacted their families for more than two decades, according to Western media. When in 2004, a western visitor went to Ashraf, he used his satellite cell phone to call some of their families. “They could not believe that they were speaking to their children “he said,” Because the leaders of the cult had told them that their beloved ones had been killed.”

Massoud Rajavi, the ideological leader of MEK, has been fugitive since 2003 the Iraqi Freedom Operation by US. Maryam Qajar Azdanlou( Rajavi),the self-assigned president of MEK is always on business trips to deceive western politicians in order to gain their support for her declining cult.

It is not certain what will happen to MEK but what is certain is that the process of defection from MEK has been accelerated. More than eight hundred members have left Camp Ashraf since 2003 and for the time being the Camp is under the control of Iraqi forces. The families come to the Camp to save their children. It is foreseen that a large number of members will return to their homes in near future.

By : Arash Rezaiee

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