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MKO, Leftist Extremists or Imperialist’s footman?

Extremist leftism ends with Rightism. This is a logical statement which has been proved by historic experiences so far. Without considering historical backgrounds MKO failed to realize the real situation of Iran so it resorted to anti human violence and terrorism. Terror strategy and then armed struggle of NLA presented by MKO leaders didn’t enjoy any public support in Iranian society but it was strongly supported by foreign regimes including Baathist of Iraq. That large-scale financial and military support symbolized MKO extremist leftist behavior.

One might conclude that MKO represented a type of fascist populist leftist movement for more than two decades because MKO leaders have never had clear, realistic and defined ideas. Their ideas include some ways to face political theories which eventually makes the leaders stuck in a pure pragmatism where they are not able to view the realities around them. Their abnormal exaggeration about mental issues and their irrational altercation towards political and social issues result in an illusion due to which leaders suppose that they can achieve power in near future and therefore they launch blind operations that end in their signal failure. Such a tendency is what Lenin calls "Syndrome of Childish Leftism".

It is obvious that MKO leaders and particularly Massoud Rajavi supposed their illogic ideological and political demands as concrete realities. Their extreme abstraction caused their false understanding of political and regional equations to the extent that they consider families of forces under their control [Ashraf residents] as "enemy, spy or traitor". This kind of consideration shows zenith of MKO’s imaginary false understanding.

The outcome of such an abstraction is a type of blind will that never obeys a clear logic. Thus MKO leaders obsessed with such an illogic premise do not realize their current situation which is a total cul-de-sac. In their opinion the world is viewed as black or white; everything or nothing. This worldview results in a constant adventurousness and anarchy in MKO’s interests and activities.

At last, after two decades of failures, the current declining situation is inevitable although they pretended to be excessively hopeful in short term, in fact they suffer a huge depression.
Since MKO leaders misunderstand their organization’s condition, they are stuck in a defective cycle of "absolute denial of others" and "extreme violence". This ends in their disability to solve their strategic or tactical contradictions, and eventually the gradual defection of their forces. All this leads MKO from ultra leftist interests (in theory) to rightist activities (in action) as Imperialist’s mercenary and Capitalists’ footman. Today, MKO leader take the same positions of America warmongers and capitalists!

By: Arash Rezaee

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