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Support for parents who have not seen their children for long

Please give your support
Support for parents who have not seen their children for more than twenty years

Three months now parents are waiting before the closed gates of camp Ahsraf of the Mujahedin sect in Irak, still it’s not possible to see their children. Most of the parents are old people now, they’re crying and shouting the names of their children, whom they didn’t see for over more than twenty years. Their children were recruited by the Mujahedin when they were young and were isolated in camp Ahsraf. Now they’re middle-aged and senior-aged men and women.
The leaders of the Mujahedin-sect have always forbidden every form of contact between members and family. Their members are kept in total isolation and it’s not allowed to have any contact outside the camp. Members who want to leave this sect are withhold by the leaders.

Up to now it has never been possible for their families to come near the camp of the armed Mujahedin. But after the fall of Saddam Hoessein the situation of Ahsraf changed. The camp came under the supervision of soldiers of the new government of Iraq. After more than twenty years the parents get new hope to see their children.

They travelled to the camp and lined up in front of the gates, where they are waiting for three months now, without any result. Although the Iraqian soldiers supervise the camp, they are afraid to let the parents enter the sect, because they cannot guarantee their safety. Inside the camp are over 3000 sect-members and even after the fall of Saddam Hoessein the Mujahedin-leaders want to keep their members in the same situation and forbid family-contact. They deceive their brainwashed members and scare them by telling them that the people at the gates are supporters of the Iranian Governement, a government that tortures and executes opponents. Some fanatic members started attacking the parents.

But these parents have nothing to do with the regime of Iran, which is rejected by everyone who respects the human rights. They just want to see their children, who they had to miss for so many years.

Every parent has the right to see his/her children and every child has the right to see his parents, no matter what kind of religion or vision they have. If this is withhold, it’s important that organisations can help to accomplish the contact. The words of Saadi, a Persian poet, should be in our minds:

“If one limb of the body suffers
All the others too will feel the pain…”

All human beings are connected with each other, like the organs in a body. We are responsible for those ones who cannot help themselves. That is why we ask you to sign this paper, so that we are able to bring these parents, under the protections of the Red Cross and Amnesty International, and in the presence of independent media, in contact with their children

More information you will find at:
On behalf of the parents: thank you very much

1- mohammad hossein sobhani
2- soheila behboudi
3-nasrin behboudi
4-kazem hoseini
5-batoul soltani
6- ali jahani
7- Batoul maleki
8- Mehrdad sagharchi
9- Mehdi sojoodi
10- Mehdi khoshal
11- Hadi shamshaeri
12-Farideh barati
13-Mahboube Brati
14-Zhra Mohammadi
15-Milaad Aryai
16-Aliakbar Rastgou
17- Masoud Djabani
18- Osmaan.Aboesaad
19-Javad Firozmand
20- gholaml Shirali
21- Behzad Alishahi
22- Hbib Khorami
23- Robabeh Shahrokhi
24- Batoul Ahmadi
25- Masoud Khodabandeh
27- Mowasaghi amir
28- Ghashghavi ali
29- Termado dward
30- Charlangi jamshid
31- Marzeeh gonjeshki
32- Dijabani.Saeedeh
33- konaar Jasem Ali
34-Narmin Jasem Ali
35-hamid tavana
36-Ali shabani
37-mohammade Harati
38-bahmane Parsa
39-Tol mollavie
40-Jaan Benek
42-maals Tapel
44- mohammad.Allami
46-Asma . zahra
47-mohammad. zahra
48-Emaad. zahra
50-hsan Barati
51-Aazam Mohammadi
52-Akram mohammadi

To add you name, please contact

Payame Rahai, Netherlands, May 14, 2010

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