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News of the MKO captives’ families

Rajavi forces Mojahedin Khalq members in Camp Ashraf to attack their families

Following the exposure of many dreadful facts from within MKO (Rjavi cult) by the former members in front of a gathering of reporters and local officials outside Ashraf garrison in Iraq and also following the Paris conference in support of the families of the captive members and particularly after the enlightening speech of Ms Batul Soltani there, some brainwashed elements of Rajavi cult stood opposite the families on Thursday from 11:30 am local time and started threatening and insulting them using strong loudspeakers.

The families and the former members who realize the situation of the people inside Ashraf garrison who have continuously been subject to mind manipulation and psychological indoctrination for many years and find Massoud Rajavi the only sole responsible for all the hardships and troubles they are facing with, kept their calm and tried to tell them sincerely and kindly that they only wish to visit their loved ones whom they have not seen for nearly two decades.

The photos of this incident would be presented in near future.

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