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Iranian Families of MKO victims asks Europe to ban the group

Representatives of Iranian Families of terror victims called for the European Parliament not to permit terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) to carry out any action in Europe.
The representatives also expressed their readiness to provide evidence showing the MKO crimes.

"Presence of Maryam Rajavi, one of the top leaders of the MKO in the European parliament and her speech against the Islamic Republic of Iran, created a good opportunity to reveal performance and terrorist background of the group," the representatives said in a statement.
The statement highlighted the terrorist measures of the group killing 12,000 Iranians including women and children after victory of Islamic Revolution and its help to army of the former Iraqi President Saddam Hossein and Baath regime security services.

"We as representatives and children of 16,000 families of terror victims that 12,000 thousands of them have been murdered by the terrorist group’s attacks call for you not to let the group carry out any activity based on European and international rules." "We are ready to provide you with evidence of crimes of the group."

The Iraq-based MKO is listed as a terrorist group by many international organizations and some countries.

The MKO founded in 1960s and has masterminded a large number of terrorist attacks in Iran and Iraq, killing and injuring thousands of people.

The US troops disarmed the MKO terrorists following the 2003 US-led invasion on Iraq. Members of the group are now based at Iraq’s Camp Ashraf.

Former Iranian President Mohammad-Ali Rajaei, Prime Minister Mohammad-Javad Bahonar, and Judiciary Chief Mohammad Husseini Beheshti are among victimes of the group’s attacks who all were assassinated in 1981.

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