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West is also seeking the trial of leaders of Mojahedin Khalq

Iraq and the American Pullout
(West is also seeking the trial of leaders of Mojahedin Khalq, MKO, MEK, NCRI, Rajavi cult)

The World Today, publication of the British Chatham House Conservative Political Club, has an article by Rachel Schneller, (FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER, US STATE DEPARTMENT, CURRENTLY INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS FELLOW, and COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS) titled IRAQ AND THE AMERICAN PULLOUT published in its August 2010 edition, Voume 66, Number 8/9.

In this article we read about the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO – Rajavi cult) in Iraq as follows:


The US should, however, withdraw responsibly. Our departure will have consequences for many Iraqis. To ignore our responsibilities would, in the words of US Congressman Brad Sherman, ‘Allow a human rights catastrophe to occur in Iraq just because we are in the process of leaving.’ Representative Sherman was referring to the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq (MEK), about three thousand radical Iranians held in Camp Ashraf in Iraq who oppose the Iranian government. Baghdad has no sympathy for the MEK because it assisted Saddam Hussein in suppressing Iraqi Shi’a and Kurds. The US withdrawal could result in a piranha-like feeding frenzy as both Iraq and Iran exact revenge.

MEK also participated in the 1979 take-over of the US Embassy in Tehran and so its members, as designated terrorists, are not eligible for resettlement in the US. Camp Ashraf, however, postpones the inevitable and risks becoming another Guantanamo Bay. MEK members who took part in acts of terror should face justice, possibly through an ad hoc United Nations tribunal that would ensure a fair trial. Those exonerated should then qualify for resettlement.

As is seen in the above mentioned part of the article, for the first time a semi-official source in the west is seeking the trial of the leaders of the MKO, and for the first time the international demand is heard that the cult leader Rajavi and his wife must face justice in international courts. Although it is late, it is still positive to find that with the arrest warrant issued by the Iraqi Supreme Criminal Court, the resistance of the Camp Ashraf Families is eventually giving its fruit and the International call for freeing the victims of the cult and trying the leaders in an international court has now been heard. It seems that Rajavi is becoming more and more limited day by day.

The article is critical of the Americans who used groups like the MKO and others and are now leaving them alone in Iraq. As far as the Sahar Family Foundation (SFF) is concerned we do not worry about that. Our concern is that, as the article mentions, if even this group has been serving Washington, the matter must be dealt with in legal terms and they must first put on trial those subject to arrest warrants and of course then the ordinary rank and file must be transferred to the US. What is important is that the US administration must take responsibility for the group before they leave Iraq (refer to the RAND report for the US Defense Department). The leaders of the MKO expect to escape from justice and be treated as the French government did to be able to continue its cultic brainwashing in the west after all the crimes committed against the people of Iran as well as against the people of Iraq and even against its own members.

The American forces sooner or later will leave Iraq and will leave the Rajavi cult and other groups for the Iraqis. It is worth noting that when they leave Iraq, the MKO might face the revenge of angry Iraqi people. But in this case the responsibility of protecting them should not be left for Iran or Iraq; the US Forces must see to the matter before they leave.

Naturally the Americans would like to avoid taking up their responsibilities in this respect and would leave the problem of the MKO for the Iraqi government to solve, but as the article mentions it is important to follow all the legal procedures, and before any other matter the leaders must be separated from the rank and file. The entire inhabitants of Ashraf Camp (over 3000 individuals) who are the prime victims of a destructive cult could not be put on trial. The aim is only to try the leadership which is the sole answerable body for all the crimes committed for years, in a court under the supervision of international institutes. This is what Iraq is asking for and this is why Iraq has issued the arrest warrants for the leaders of the MKO. The body of the organization must be separated from the head and be freed and saved and in this regard the SFF is ready to cooperate in any possible way.

The demand of the west in general and the demand of the Iraqi government about the situation of the terrorist MKO in Iraq are more or less the same and apparently they both seek the trial of the leaders and saving the victims of the cult, and of course it is clear that the war mongering cliques influenced by the Israelis are opposing this general international demand.

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