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Sahar Family Foundation is not a Political party

Our argument is totally humanitarian
A word with the viewers With respect to all the readers and viewers of this site

Now is more than two months since the new round of activities of Sahar Family Foundation (SFF)Sahar Family Foundation is not a Political party has started. This site started operating on its new version on 19th June this year simultaneously with the seminar in Paris which was a milestone of the activities of the former members as well as the families of present members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO). During this period we tried our best to inform the viewers about the latest developments concerning the suffering families in Iraq.

As you may well know it is now more than 6 months that a significant number of families of the seized members of the MKO have gathers outside the Ashraf garrison (the base of the organization in Iraq) in a terrible condition demanding visiting their loved ones after so many years. They hope that there might be enough feelings and emotions left inside the base to listen to a mother calling her son and let her for a short visit.

During this time we had many letters and e-mails and calls which mostly were encouragements for what we do. There were some questions which we tried to answer directly as much as possible. It is essential that we give a brief explanation about our type of work and our stances.

The SFF is not a political organization or party. As it could be seen from its name it is a foundation to aid the families who desire to see their relatives. Naturally our counterpart in this manner is the MKO and in particular its authoritarian leader.

The members of SFF overwhelmingly believe that the MKO is a destructive cult which in the first instance threatens the lives and morals of its own followers. We have no political argument with this cult and we did never give any remarks about its political conducts. Our argument is totally on humanitarian bases and we demand the minimum rights of the members and their families.

The activists of SFF who are mainly the former members or the families of the present members do have different political interests outside the foundation. But they have accepted that they would cooperate with each other within a certain framework in order to reach a certain goal. Naturally this foundation cannot have stances on political matters and it has not been established for such purposes. What political matters are going on inside Iraq or inside Iran or anywhere else is not the subject of the activities of this foundation. The members of SFF are free to be active on any political grounds they desire, but this has nothing to do with the activities of this site and the goals of the SFF.

We have one just demand on the base of the rights of individual. The members of MKO in the Ashraf garrison must have the right to have contact with the outside world and with their relatives.

The leaders of the cult deprive their followers of this right for the unreasonable excuse that since these people have been brought there by the Iranian regime they have no right to see their relatives. But they never answer this simple question that what benefit the Iranian regime would gain if a mother visits her son and what damage the regime would suffer if they don’t. Perhaps Rajavi is scared that if he lets the followers visiting their relatives this might end up to the desolation of the organization. If such imagination is true therefor one can conclude that the bases of the organization are so weak and the members are kept inside the garrison by using mind coercion or by using force.

Information received from within the Ashraf cultic garrison clearly indicate that the majority of the members are kept against their wills and they would leave if they find suitable implements. The officials of the organization do impose mental pressure using tools such as daily brainwashing sessions and also intimidate them in order to have them seized inside the garrison. If the deeds of Rajavi have dragged the cult to a point that they are so frightened of their members visiting their relatives, this is no one’s fall but himself. If the collars of the MKO are so weak that a mother in her seventies in front of Ashraf garrison is considered as the main enemy and is ever so frightening for the leaders, no one should be blamed but the leaders of the cult.

What we say is very clear and is approved by all international humanitarian organizations and we will not pull back on any circumstances. Human rights and right of the individual is not something that could be decided on political grounds. Violating the most basic rights of people is condemned no matter what the situation is and what are the excuses.

In the whole world even the prisoners of war in another country or imprisoned criminals have the right to visit their next of kin. But inside the Rajavi cult not even this right is denied but any contact with the family is considered as betraying and crime and the supposedly convicted person is liable to punishment. Unfortunately the international political interests today has let the leaders of the cult to violet the most basic rights of their followers without being questioned.

Sahar Family Foundation would never surrender to the cult’s intimidations and would carry on its humanitarian mission to reach the goal, and in this way the members of SFF feel obliged to use every possible mean to put pressure on the leaders of the cult to force them to recognize the rights of the followers and treat them according to the norms of global international human rights.
We look forward for that day to come.

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